HumanLIFT strives for complete human optimization and wants to be part of a solution. It is their holistic approach to health and wellness that makes HumanLIFT a first of its kind in South Africa. This makes it easy and possible for customers to get what they need in just one place.

The founders and coaches of HumanLIFT are professionally qualified and equipped for the task and are also continuously working on expanding their knowledge. You will regularly speak to other experts, link up with studies, and share new discoveries in the world of health and wellbeing with clients.

The founders of HumanLIFT both deeply believe that health and wellbeing can be optimized with the right mindset, support and tools.

Who are the founders?

HumanLIFT was founded by Monita Böhmer and Elzanne Moodie. Monita Böhmer is a certified Human Potential Coach who was trained by the Bulletproof Training Institute. She has over 20 years of human capital management experience gained in the South African and international mining and manufacturing environments.

Monita has a degree in social and law and a passion for working with people. She says that one of the most satisfying experiences for her is watching an individual develop and grow. Monita believes that all people can overcome their challenges and change for the better. All they need is just a safe space to reach their own potential.

Your co-founder Elzanne Moodie is also a certified human potential coach with more than 10 years of experience in management for sustainable development in the South African mining and production environment. Elzanne has degrees in medicine and environmental science and is passionate about human biology. She continuously explores new and existing areas of human optimization.

Elzanne has a deep compassion for people with health issues and works continuously to enhance her understanding of the latest health options available to people who need them most. Elzanne is also a firm believer in continuous personal growth and works hard to optimize her own health and wellbeing, which means she too doesn’t shy away from biohacking when an exciting opportunity presents itself.

“We believe that health and well-being should come from one’s own beliefs and the customer’s motivation to bring about change,” they explain. “We therefore offer life coaching in order to create a platform for customers on which they can discuss challenges, set goals and use accountability in order to shape changes in a sustainable manner.” We believe that health and wellbeing should be integrative and that they are based on must address underlying causes and challenges in order to heal and thrive. We therefore work with functional doctors and other wellness practitioners who support our ethics and philosophy.

What does the HumanLift solution stand for?

HumanLIFT believes that all people want their best lives and that their customers experience positive emotions, enjoy good health, and have solid relationships with those they love. This would include a successful career and make a positive contribution to the communities.

HumanLIFT aims to first and foremost make people realize that it is possible to thrive in all of these ways, or as they call it, “get into the zone”. In today’s world where quick fixes and hacks in health and wellness are rife and used without hesitation – there is a pill for everything and every other advertisement promises a hack or a secret to your best life – HumanLIFT realizes, That this is a holistic approach requires hard work and dedication is the only real solution.

They know that these fixes or hacks tend to be disappointing and rarely produce the changes needed, even though they have their place and can be beneficial if used correctly. So while no pill, hack or secret can replace dedication and hard work, HumanLIFT believes in using established knowledge that has been proven over millennia to bring about the necessary changes. This goes hand in hand with achieving this change. In fact, a person has to work on it every day and continuously do the right things to bring it all together. This, of course, means that your best life is fraught with discomfort, pain, fear, and some difficulty. But living in the Zone also means that you can either turn your pain and suffering into friends or allies.

HumanLIFT teaches you to use them as tools or as roadmaps or rocks to build and grow on so that you can finally think back to the difficult times and moments in your life, all of which were beautiful and made you what you were are. The HumanLIFT team believes that such life (in the zone) is possible for everyone and invites people to join their quest, get coached and use the health and wellness solutions on offer to move forward. They feel that the solutions offered are ideal for those who need to recover, who need to be recovered, and for those who are ready to succeed.

What does HumanLIFT coaching mean?

HumanLIFT trainers, all certified Human Potential coaches trained by the Bulletproof Training Institute, firmly believe that health and wellbeing can be optimized with the right attitude, support and the right tools. They believe that health and well-being should come from one’s own beliefs and the client’s motivation to bring about change, and offer life coaching with internationally trained and certified trainers to create a safe space for clients to discuss challenges, set goals and using accountability to bring about lasting change.

The coaching takes place via online platforms. The first coaching session is always offered free of charge and is mainly used to explore the goals of the joint coaching and to answer questions from the client. A contract is only agreed after such an initial session in order to give the client a good opportunity to decide whether the trainer and coaching are what he or she wants.

How to get HumanLIFT coaching

Anyone who would like to use a HumanLIFT coach can register via the HumanLIFT homepage. You can fill out an online form in which you have to provide some personal information in order to start the coaching process. A prospective client should take the time to identify at least three life goals or ideal outcomes that he or she would like to achieve. These goals and outcomes should be challenging enough to keep the person reasonably interested and engaged, while being positive and realistically achievable.

To help a client determine these results, they can answer a few key questions such as: B. why a certain way of being is important to him or her and how they would feel about it. The client can indicate which coaching package they need, how the person prefers to pay (once, per month, etc.) and which habits are currently in the way of achieving this result. A customer can share pictures or pictures of himself that he would like to share with the coaching team.

Other available products from HumanLIFT

HumanLIFT also offers a number of other health products, including nutritional supplements, to aid in performance optimization and wellness goals. This product list is continuously expanded as customers request the company to source products that support their goals. HumanLIFT promises that all of its products comply with their ethical codes, values ​​and quality standards. Products that have been developed by themselves are personally tested by them and only the best products in the world are sourced and sold. The online shop delivers these products directly to a customer’s door. Products are categorized as follows:

The following brand names are included in these products as functions on the website:

  • Live collagen – grass-fed ancestral supplements
  • Adrenals ancestral supplements fed with liver-grass
  • BodyHealth Complete support for Multi + liver detoxification
  • BodyHealth Healthy Sleep Ultra
  • BodyHealth Inflam Arrest
  • BodyHealth Omega Three
  • BodyHealth PerfectAmino 150 ct tablets
  • BodyHealth PerfectAminoXP Mixed Berry
  • Bone marrow – grass-fed ancestral supplements
  • Brain – grass fed ancestral supplements
  • Brownie Mix – Gluten Free, Low Carbohydrate – Lakanto
  • Chaga Elixir – Four Sigmatic
  • Colostrum – grass-fed ancestral supplements
  • Cordyceps Elixir – Four Sigmatic
  • Elderberry + Vitamin C Immune Support Drops – Body Health
  • HumanLIFT coffee: PSI
  • Immune Defense Probiotic – Body Health
  • Gut with tripe – grass-fed ancestral supplements
  • Kidney – grass-fed ancestral supplements

Terms and Conditions

Payments can be processed securely online with credit cards or SagePay. Free nationwide delivery is possible from an order value of R 1500. HumanLIFT warns that the prices indicated on the website for its products are subject to change without notice, and management reserves the right to change or discontinue the service (or any part of it) or its content at any time without notice .

You are not liable to any customer or any third party for changes, price changes, suspensions or the discontinuation of the service. Certain products or services may only be available online through the website as the quantities involved may be limited and cannot be returned or exchanged.

HumanLIFT accepts returns for all products purchased in the last 30 days and will be happy to exchange unopened products or refund those products for a different flavor or something of equal value. HumanLIFT can be contacted on +2783 439 1203 (phone calls or WhatsApp) or email can be sent using a web form from the website They can also be followed on the social media platforms Facebook and Instagram.

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