Betty Lin-Fisher

| Akron Beacon Journal

Cleveland Clinic Medina Hospital now offers care to patients interested in a holistic approach to their health.

The Logsdon Family Wellness Center for Integrative Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine will be supported by David Logsdon and his late wife Jan from 2019. It is located in the hospital at 1000 E. Washington St., Medina.

Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine treats patients with a holistic approach – medically or through alternative therapies such as acupuncture, massage, yoga, diet, exercise, music therapy, aromatherapy and meditation. These treatments do not replace traditional treatment regimens or first-aiders or specialist doctors, but are used to expand these approaches and help patients achieve better overall health.

Patients at the Logsdon Center will first see Maria Hochendoner, a certified nurse who specializes in lifestyle medicine either in person or virtually. She will make a thorough assessment of their needs and work with them to develop a plan for which therapies might be of most benefit. Some of the therapies are available at Medina Hospital, with more to be added later this year. Others are available at the Strongsville Family Health and Surgery Center at the Cleveland Clinic.

Patients can call 216-448-4325 to schedule an appointment.

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