Renew Medica owner Liz introduces Sergio, who will be treating regularly from the clinic.

He joins the local specialists and other visitors offering a wide range of treatments at the Main Street Center.

Sergio will be visiting to offer acupuncture (dry needling), manual spine alignment, hypnosis and counseling as part of his holistic wellbeing promotion. He also practices spinal flow and spiritual balance. Holistic healing results in the head, heart and body being repaired as a unit.

Spinal Flow can help relieve pain and symptoms of illness by connecting the nervous system and brain to release spinal blocks and integrate certain experiences.

The technique alters wellbeing by connecting with what’s already working in the body and expanding it to allow the spinal wave to flow from the tailbone to the skull.

Sergio’s approach brings extensive holistic healing experience to the Hilltops region.

He will next visit Renew Medica from Tuesday July 20th through Thursday July 22nd. Sergio said he was very grateful for the opportunity to meet and treat the Young people.

To book, call Liz or write an SMS on 0408 023 356

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