PRINCETON, NJ, February 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Yogactiw ( officially announced the launch of a full line of wellness gadgets designed to help fitness enthusiasts navigate the new normal while staying active. Ifinity offers smart fitness trackers and two new pathogen control products: a UVC sanitizer wand and a UVC HEPA portable air purifier. Each device is stylish and functional, with minimalist designs that are affordable too. Ifinity is part of a growing line of sportswear and apparel from Yogactiw – a leading provider of e-commerce fitness equipment.

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“The pandemic has forced everyone to take a long look and decide how best to move forward and still stay safe as a society,” said Yogactiw’s founder. Joy Sarkar. “And it has fundamentally changed the training and fitness landscape. Practitioners are now aware of the dangers of pathogens and the importance of monitoring their surroundings to stay healthy every day. But as much as people stay safe They also want to lead a full and active life again. That’s why we developed Ifinity. Combined with the latest fitness and health tracking hardware, our UVC products enable users to fight germs on the go. This gives more freedom and more mobility. Also if the fight against pathogens never ends, the quarantines will gradually decrease – and these products will continue to be useful to our customers in the future.

Ifinity: UVC light protection and more

  • Sanitiz-Pro sterilization wand for portable UV light (UV-C): The advanced UV-C technology can effectively kill up to 99.9% of all pathogens and leaves no residue, harmful chemicals or odors. The rechargeable USB-Sanitiz-Pro is hand-held, portable, compact and comes in a practical carrying case. With the strong UV-C light rod, door handles, cell phones, keyboards, money and other touch-sensitive surfaces can be safely sterilized.
  • Ambishield-Pro Portable UV Light Air Purifier: A highly efficient HEPA filter air purifying device of the H13 class that includes UVC sterilization via LED UV lamp beads. Powerful air purification that is quiet, portable and destroys 99.9% of all bacteria, pathogens, allergens and certain molds. An additional aromatherapy function also allows the device to inject fresh, clean fragrances into your car or into any room.
  • Actiw-Pro Smart Fitness Tracker and Digital BP and HR Monitor: Stylish, waterproof IP68 smartwatch for full health monitoring: including calories, distances traveled, steps, hours seated, heart rate, blood pressure, alarms, call reminders, SMS reminders, social Media notifications, shake photos and more. Strong, scratch-resistant TFT color touchscreen with iOS and Android compatibility via the Runmifit app. Five golden ratio color options for all wrists.

More information about the Ifinity series and the latest yoga and fitness clothing from Yogactiw can be found online. Or follow Yogactiw on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube.

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