FAIRFIELD, Conn. (WTNH) – For children with severe food allergies, childhood is not always fun and carefree. The children and their families live in constant fear of going into shock and possibly dying.

After her son went into shock and had seven ambulance rides, Amanda Hanson was determined to seek treatment for her son’s multiple food allergies.

She heard about ART, Allergy Release Technique, and moved her 9-year-old son from Colorado to Massachusetts to seek help from the founder.

She said, ‘Amanda, this is a lot. I’ve never had a child with so many allergies. I don’t think we can do it in a year. ‘And I was determined, and so she started seeing him twice a week,’ Hanson recalls in her conversation with Amy Thieringer.

Thieringer is a state-certified nutrition and health coach. She started ART after having a son with severe food allergies. She describes her young customers.

“You have several severe food allergies that could kill you if you eat.”

Thieringer says she has cured over 500 children using a holistic approach that is different from what some doctors use.

“I have a machine that is based on radio frequencies and I’ve written a program that is based on a functional health model.”

Then she targets the immune system in the gut with a special probiotic.

“We can teach the immune system so that it can recover and reset and is not stuck in this overreactive state,” says Thieringer.

Amanda’s son Hayden now has a new life where he can eat anything he wants. A normal college life.

“I probably couldn’t have left if I still had all these allergies. It changed everything, ”says Hayden.

The Massachusetts program is so popular now that it is at full capacity. A new one in Brooklyn New York that treats many Connecticut families is also filling up. The treatment is not insured. Treatments can cost $ 200 a week and last a few years.

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