WEST CALN – All Jeremiah Wilson wants is reliable transportation to get him to his doctor’s appointments.

Wilson, who lives in West Caln, was injured in a terrible car accident last June that left him paraplegic. He fell asleep at the wheel when he drove to his girlfriend, who lives more than two hours away. Rescue workers from several fire service companies stabilized his van. Dozens of first responders carefully rescued him and put him on a helicopter that flew him to a nearby casualty hospital. When the staff at the towing station saw the mutilated mess of the delivery truck, they said they had never seen such a dire wreck where the driver was still alive.

“He broke the rules of survival,” said Jeremiah’s mother, Kathi Williams Wilson, a 1978 graduate of Marple Newtown High School. “But he’s a spiritual person and he believes that God will heal him.”

Wilson is currently driving around in an older, unreliable vehicle that he cannot drive. A community fundraiser was set up in Lancaster on April 18th to raise funds for a wheelchair accessible van. The goal is to raise $ 5,000 to cover the cost of the van.

“It will be easier for me to make appointments,” said Jeremiah. “It will help me have a better life.”

Right now, Wilson spends his time reading, painting, writing, and going to appointments. He lives in an apartment up the street from his mother and stepfather.

He said he was not bitter with the hand that was given to him and felt blessed to be loved not only by his girlfriend but also by friends and family.

“I want to encourage people to enjoy life to the fullest,” he said. “I don’t like being quadriplegic, but I enjoy life and I will never give up.”

Before the accident, Jeremiah installed doors for main doors and previously, ironically, was a janitor for a person with paraplegia.

Jeremiah feels blessed to have a special relationship with his girlfriend, whom he met about a month before the accident.

“There’s an incredible chemistry between these two,” said Kathi. “I think they’ll end up together. She doesn’t care if he goes or not, they have an unusual bond.”

Kathi said she was humble about how caring the community is to offer a fundraiser for her son.

“Jeremiah is usually the one offering help,” she said. “Since the accident, he has kept an optimistic and grateful outlook. He turned out to be much more than a survivor. He is blessed to have the love and support of so many friends and family. “

The fundraiser will take place on Sunday April 18th at a benefit concert at Tellus360, 24 E. King Street in Lancaster from 4pm to 7pm. There will be live music, a silent auction, sweepstakes, and more to support the charitable Hope Live in honor of Jeremiah Wilson. Free virtual viewing options are also available.

Register now for $ 20 at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/jeremiahs-journey-benefit-concert-tickets-148670474391. Your registration will be maintained by the non-profit organization as a donation in honor of Jeremiah. Virtual registrants can register for free at: https://events.helphopelive.org/event/5346/signup/.

The concert will feature a diverse group of artists including: Hadassah Wilson, Pushin Time, Nick Cove and the Walkers, Liz Fulmer, Leo Distanto and Tuck Ryan.

The silent auction features original art by Jeremiah Wilson himself as well as art by Shelia Braun and a gourmet menu prepared by Chef Bri at your home. Buy raffle tickets to win prizes including a hotel stay, jewelry, gourmet chocolates, and a restaurant gift basket. The raffles are open to both personal and virtual participants. State your preference when purchasing tickets on the event page or let yourself be amazed by what you win. Buy raffle tickets here: https://events.helphopelive.org/event/5346/signup/. Food and drinks can be purchased on site by personal attendees.

Can’t you go to the concert? You can always make a donation in honor of Jeremiah Wilson at https://helphopelive.org/campaign/17870. Donations are tax deductible.