The family of a suffragette from Uganda sued the National Park Service earlier this month after she was beheaded through a gate in Arches National Park, Utah, last year.

According to the lawsuit filed in Denver, the gate was locked against federal politics for two weeks before it hit Esther Nakajjigo in June 2020.

She and her husband, who were newly married, were walking in the famous park when the wind hit the gate as it opened, reported Fox13-KSTU.

The gate cut through the side of her rental car, hit Nakajjigo in the head and neck, and killed her, the lawsuit says.

Her husband Ludo Michaud witnessed his wife’s death, what he has called “the worst I hope I will ever see”.

Esther Nakajjigo and Ludovic Michaud in Arches National Park in eastern Utah. Photo credit: Courtesy Ludovic Michaud via NBC

Nakajjigo, 25, was born in Kampala, Uganda, and when she was a teenager, she started a non-profit health center for girls and young women with her student money.

She has received numerous humanitarian awards and created a popular reality television series that aims to empower young mothers.

At the time of her death, she was participating in a social entrepreneurship program in Colorado.

Ludovic Michaud and Esther Nakajjigo. Photo credit: Courtesy Ludovic Michaud via NBC

The lawsuit does not specify the amount of damages claimed, but Nakajjigo’s family previously filed a lawsuit worth $ 270 million. Lawsuits must be filed in advance of trials against government agencies, and the lawsuit was filed in federal court on June 8th.

A National Park Service spokesman declined to comment on the lawsuit on Monday, Fox13-KSTU reported.

The valet had previously issued a statement expressing their condolences to her family.