NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Sometimes people take on sideline jobs to make ends meet. For 41-year-old Josh Lovelidge, his passion for cars and the need to make ends meet.

His brother, Lawerence “Larry” Lovelidge, says he always worked on cars and helped others. Unfortunately, that’s what Josh did when an accident cost his life on Sunday March 14th.

“With him, it was always about knowing that you have to have your jacks, your e-brakes on, to be safe. He knew better, ”says Larry.

Detectives told the Lovelidge family that Josh worked with a scissor jack and didn’t use jacks to help with the breakdown. Kyle Loftus, manager at the AAA Suffolk Car Care Center, says that extra resilience could have saved his life.

Along with a jack, he says that while working on your car at home, you should observe other safety precautions such as appropriate clothing and no maintenance that is not convenient for you to use.

The Lovelidge brothers were just reaching a point of normalcy in their lives after being separated in the Oklahoma care system as children after their mother’s death.

They lived together in Virginia and bonded for the past few years. Larry says he was fortunate to have known his brother, if only for a short time.

“He loved his truck. He loved Chevy. He wouldn’t be angry at all to know that it was a Chevy that landed on him, ”Larry said with tears in his eyes. He adds that they were able to have an urn made for him that reflects his passion for cars. There is the Chevy emblem on it.

“He really wanted the best for everyone he came in contact with. His friendship, love and loyalty were freely given. People were attracted to him, he greeted them and made them family. His smile was very malicious, almost like he knew something you didn’t know, that there was always some kind of joke to be let into … and it was everyone’s guess whether they were there or not. Josh loved it. And that’s important. He is very much missed, ”says Josh’s sister.

The The Lovelidge family has a GoFundMe set up for Josh and his family.

According to AAA Suffolk Car Care Center, it is possible to work on cars at home while taking extensive safety measures. They recommend car owners: