TULSA, okla., April 7, 2021 / PRNewswire / – It often starts with a mother coming to the chiropractor’s office for a reason Lance Hoose of the chiropractic wellness center.

“Once the patient is familiar with and realizing the benefits of chiropractic care, they realize that it’s not just about relieving pain, but also about maintaining good health and wellbeing,” he said. “This result often leads me to start adapting their children.”

Chiropractic Wellness Center That Serves Tulsa and the local community take great pride in providing the best in chiropractic care to every patient, including children.

“By the age of 5, you fell more than 5,000 times, which can cause spinal misalignment,” said Hoose.

Without the pressure relief a chiropractor can exert, the damage is already done by the age of 10.

“The body is smart,” said Hoose. “The spine is automatically corrected and this is where the curvature can begin.”

Just as a doctor and a dentist contribute to a person’s general health and well-being, chiropractic plays an important role as their checkups contribute to lifelong health.

“A check-up should be a normal process because if you can fix something early and get it started sooner rather than later, it will benefit the child and family in the long run.”

Because of this, Hoose says, it’s best to have children screened at a young age, including as newborns.

“Complications from labor and delivery can irritate and endanger the nerves in the newborn’s neck.”

Hoose often said that children’s spines are not checked until after years of exercising and sustaining injuries.

“It usually takes three to four injuries before someone realizes that if they come in regularly they are healthier and feeling better. Once your zones are back in balance, your body will function better. After patients see the change, they will she believes. “

Often only then do parents take them to the doctor and find out that they have something called scoliosis.

“In most cases this could have been prevented,” said Hoose. “As soon as this curve is there, it is there. You can no longer change that structurally.”

Once patients get to the Chiropractic Wellness Center, Hoose helps by balancing and smoothing the patient’s misaligned spine. “I release all restrictions. For example, if areas are jammed, I try to include movement again.”

Every person’s body deals with various chemical, emotional and physical stresses in different ways, and the pandemic has increased everyday stress due to unusual circumstances.

“Parents who act as teachers while having to balance work from home are a burden,” Hoose said. “Families seen in my practice enjoy getting together, they are healthier, their children are healthier and there is much less stress going on in their life. “

For more information, call 918-742-0560 or visit https://www.drhoose.com/.

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Dr. Hoose with a patient

Dr. Hoose, chiropractor in Tulsa OK explain the chiropractic process to a patient

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