CW39 NO WAITING WEATHER + TRAFFIC. Road rules with Maggie Flecknoe from CW39

HOUSTON (CW39) We have one more road rule this morning to share with you. We see a lot of accidents on NO WAIT WEATHER + TRAFFIC every week. So we checked it out at the Harris County Sheriff’s Office with today’s traffic rules of the day.

We asked, “Do we do this if we are in an accident?”


The first thing you want to think about is always your safety. So when you are on a public road, you want to pull your vehicle to the curb or in a parking lot where you are safe from other vehicles.

You want to contact the other driver to see if he was injured. Once you’ve determined, you’ll want to call 911 and let them know their location and the type of vehicles involved. Once you do, speak to the other driver if you are comfortable. If you fail to do this, you can arrive at the police station in your vehicle. As soon as they come they will receive all the relevant information, have information exchanged and give you a case number to give to your insurance company. You can get things done from there.


When you meet a pedestrian, things are the same as they want to stay with the pedestrian. Make sure they are looked after. Make sure they get medical attention if needed. The same goes for the officer who takes care of things.


If you come across a stationary object such as a vehicle, pole, or anything else, you have a legal obligation to notify the person that you hit their vehicle. You’ll need to leave a message with your phone number and name letting that person know that they can contact you and proceed from there.

So of course safety first and make sure you contact the police.

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