Children are the future, and as such, they now need care and protection so that they can grow into upright members of society. Carina Martin – CEO, Manager and Founder of A Precious Child – is very passionate about children and makes sure that children and families in need meet their daily needs.

What started in Carina’s garage in 2008 has grown into an integral organization that helps children. A precious child uses a collaborative service model where they work with over 500 agency partners to identify children and families who need their help.

There are 10 compelling programs that a precious child offers to fill in the gaps and ensure these children and families receive holistic continuum of care. Through their services, Carina and her team help break the cycle of poverty that affects many families today. She works to ensure that families get the support they need.

A precious child provides case management services and basic items like school supplies, clothing, toiletries, diapers, and gifts for the holidays. In addition, they offer staff development training, mentoring, and after-school activities that are not available to less fortunate children.

Through their services, Carina and her team help break the cycle of poverty that affects many families today.

Through their efforts, they have provided Christmas gifts to 13,191 children, each of which received a gift worth $ 50. Through volunteer programs and working with other non-profit organizations, the Denver Metro Community is hugely supportive of the foundation, especially during the global Covid-19 pandemic.

A precious child distributed over 21,670 backpacks and school supplies to churches and school children. In 2020, A Precious Child’s case management and all-round services increased by 1,657% over the previous year. We have provided COVID-19 emergency kits for 38,609 children and adults with hygiene products, detergents and PPE. We provided 3,169 infants with 199,401 diapers and 1,685 packs of wipes to help families during this time when 52% of families said someone in their home lost a job due to COVID-19. 67% of the families we serve have had their work hour cut and 79% lost income.

According to an NBA article, during the ninth annual Give SPORTS event, the foundation served the public by handing out new and lightly used sportswear and equipment in support of the sport. Exercise helps children adapt to different institutions and know how to deal with them and improve their behavior without forgetting to keep fit.

The foundation carries out an annual backpack trip, during which a bag is essentially filled with school supplies, which are then distributed to children in need via the resource center. The care and helpfulness of the people in the Denver Metro Community enables A Precious Child to meet the needs of those in need in their community.

The fact that Carina first started the foundation in a garage shows that it doesn’t matter where you start as long as you have a vision and are willing to help others.

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