The resurgence of Covid-19 across the country has left people fixated on their immune systems everywhere, while the pandemic has continued to overwhelm health systems in most countries, including India. In such a situation, complementary and alternative therapies have become very popular with citizens. People take a holistic approach to health and Ayurveda is known worldwide for its preventive health properties and the treatment of many chronic lifestyle disorders. The recent rise in awareness of the holistic approach of Ayurveda has resulted in an increasing number of players offering wellness therapies and healing treatments. The ongoing pandemic has resulted in a sharp surge in demand for treatment packages, healing sessions, and even Ayurvedic products. In fact, the Ayurveda economy has grown by up to 90 percent since the pandemic.

Birla Ayurveda is one such company that makes use of a wide variety of services ranging from a combination of special revitalization and cleansing therapies in conjunction with nutritional advice and herbal medicines for the prevention and treatment of body diseases.

Ashish Thakur, General Manager, Birla Ayurvedaavers: “Birla Ayurveda is a one-stop platform for all people to receive a holistic approach to Ayurveda in their leading life. It is an adaptation of the natural formulation and herbs. As we began with therapies and were positively received by our clients, we expanded to include other services including naturopathy, Ayurvedic treatments, nutrition plans, and even personal care products. Birla Ayurveda is a trustworthy name and we have grown because of our offerings and services, as well as the potential of this market. Ayurveda is recognized worldwide and according to a Nielsen report, the Ayurveda market in India was valued at 300 billion rupees in 2018 and is projected to reach 710.87 billion rupees by 2024, which is an average annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.06 percent corresponds to. “

Ashish continues to talk about how the brand works and its strategies for innovation today.

Ashish Thakur, General Manager, Birla Ayurveda

What is on offer and how pure is it?

Birla Ayurveda employs a variety of services to ensure that the brand provides purity for the mind, body and spirit.

“Starting with a combination of special revitalization and cleansing therapies in connection with nutritional advice and herbal medicines, we at Birla Ayurveda attach importance to the prevention of physical diseases in addition to healing. At Birla Ayurveda we combine authentic and proven therapies with the expertise of our trained therapists. These wellness therapies aim to cure chronic diseases such as arthritis, obesity, spondylosis, hair loss, skin problems and various lifestyle disorders. Basically we are in all segments of Ayurveda. We offer Ayurveda products The price range from 300 to 800 Rs, Ayurvedic treatments start at Rs 4,000 and go up to Rs 50,000, and Ayurvedic therapies range from Rs 1,500 to Rs 4,000, “he says.”

How does a brand really do it all while making sure it’s pure and honest? It is of paramount importance for a brand in this segment to bring its discerning consumer base the best that nature has to offer. Even if Birla Ayurveda does not manufacture its range of products in-house, all products / medicines are checked by Ayurveda doctors, while the raw materials are tested by Ayurveda experts and sourced from Kerala and other parts of the country.

“During ongoing production or manufacture, clinical experts test the products that are sent to them in the form of samples for testing. If the inspected product does not show or provide an accurate result, it will be returned to the manufacturing department for correction. In addition, a randomly selected product from the finished batch is sent out for testing. Once approved, the entire batch of product will be shipped to retail, ”explains Thakur.

Birla Ayurveda sells through online channels including its own website. It is also sold through its supplier base and its centers and stores in different parts of the country.

The Covid Impact and the way forward

With the second wave of the pandemic, Ayurveda centers are taking extra precautions even if they continue to admit patients for therapies and treatments. The pandemic has affected the segment, but the wellness centers are constantly innovating and spinning to stay relevant and survive. These strategies are successful in large part thanks to the popularity of Ayurveda with people.

Thakur says: “The current pandemic situation has fundamentally changed the company’s work pattern. The fixed costs and the personnel costs increase. We are aware that we cannot compare pre-COVID-19 times with current trends, and that is fine. We have implemented our strategies and will strive for them regardless of the challenges. Our e-commerce websites are being updated, our centers are well rehabilitated and safe, and online purchases via social media platforms are on the rise. We see it as a positive opportunity that only brings a good result. Birla Ayurveda has started to focus on making medicines to boost immunity to keep people healthy and strong and we are sure these will get a great response. We also offer home therapies for people to maintain comfort and a fearless environment from the comfort of their own home. “

The brand continues to work on its marketing and advertising strategies and has carried out both offline and online activities. “We live in a country with more than 400 million active online users. Young consumers between the ages of 18 and 25 get their expenses online. Healthy eating is a top priority and this is where we need to increase our presence. Our consumers want to be remembered and taken into account. That is why we are enthusiastic and very active. We are working hard to increase visibility and connecting with our target audience on social media sites by posting engaging messages, videos, pictures, bringing social media influencers, bloggers, etc. on board, ”concludes Thakur.

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