Statistics show that more than 16,000 car accidents occur in the US every day. Not all injuries are linked, but many do and thousands of people are faced with the question of how to pay for their medical care.

The answer or answers are variable, often depending on where the accident happened and what type of insurance you have.

There are basically four categories that accident-related medical payments fall into.

1). Covered by the victim’s own auto or truck insurance. Different states and insurers have different coverage obligations and also those that the insurers offer for additional funds. Medpay and PIP are known to have such coverage.

2). Health insurance. Health insurers, while often unable to pay for car accident coverage, are required to do so. You or your lawyer may have to push back, but sometimes you have to. You may also be required to repay these based on a judgment or settlement based on your policies or Erisa laws.

3). Medicaid or Medicare. Yes, it’s a type of health insurance, but it’s one that needs some attention because you or your lawyer will have to repay it based on a settlement or judgment.

4). Authorization and Assignment. Some healthcare providers require the patient to provide medical care in exchange for signing a document requiring them and / or their attorney to withhold or assess the cost of the services provided.