A holistic philosophy

“We believe that design, like nutrition and fitness, is an essential tool for a better life.

“The average city dweller now spends 87 percent of their life indoors. Like all mammals, we humans are affected by our environment. The design of our interiors thus influences our health and happiness – our general well-being.

“In Design Intervention, we use the transformative power of design to influence mood, influence behavior and improve health. Our unique approach uses design as a tool for better living and harnesses the power of our homes for happier and healthier lives. “

Create healthy living spaces

“We believe that the home should be your ultimate source of energy, your personal retreat, a place to recharge and recover: where you can be yourself and feel completely at ease.

“Our approach is personalized, scientific and multi-sensory. We go beyond aesthetics and create joyful, sensual and livable homes that inspire the mind, calm the body and nourish the soul.

“Our mission as designers is to tailor every project to the individual needs and dreams of every homeowner and to help them harness the power of their home for a happier and healthier life.”

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