Consumers expect a personalized brand experience that spans their entire care routine.

By 2021, it is widely believed that the workplace – and what employees expect of it – will have changed forever. We can expect broader trends in consumer-centric health care such as telehealth and patient-centric care to creep into the wish list for employee benefits. As organizations determine for the foreseeable future how to maintain employee engagement in remote and hybrid work-from-home models, the lines between work and home are becoming increasingly blurred, and employees are looking to their employers for resources that are beyond go beyond traditional services.

While COVID has been a catalyst for telemedicine, other key forces are coming together that will change the way we consume health and wellness in the future. The delivery of virtual care has become a core expectation and may prove to be the easiest for employers to do. Gen Z employees are also changing the dynamics of the health system as they join the workforce and will play a critical role for employers and providers.

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