Because of this, it’s not uncommon to wonder when you are getting cash out of your auto accident policy, especially if your injuries are the result of someone else’s negligence or negligence.

One of the most important things you can do is take steps to keep yourself safe after a car accident so that your settlement moves quickly. Read on to learn how.

Importance of injuries and length of care

One of the things that will affect how quickly your settlement will be finalized is the severity of your injuries and how long you will be under medical treatment. In most cases, you will want to complete all of your treatments to make sure you are getting the compensation you are entitled to under the law.

Insurance companies are unlikely to come to an agreement until they understand the total cost of your treatments and whether you will get a full recovery. If an insurance company tries to offer an agreement while you are still recovering, your case may be worth more than you think and it is better to wait. This can also indicate that the person responsible for the accident has a very low insurance limit.

Insurance coverage amount

High insurance limits can mean it takes longer to reach an agreement. For example, if your medical expenses are $ 20,000 and the coverage limit is $ 200,000, the insurance company knows that a jury is unlikely to assign you more than the insurance limit, so you won’t have to settle quickly.

High insurance limits can mean it takes longer to reach an agreement.

However, if your bills are $ 90,000 for the same policy, chances are a judge or jury could award more than the insurance limits, encouraging the insurance company to come to an agreement quickly rather than taking the case to court.

Mistake in the accident

Once it is clear who is to blame in an accident, the insurance company may be ready to find your way around quickly. If the other driver was issued a ticket by the police and you weren’t, or if the other driver was clearly negligent, e.g. B. Driving under influence, this has an influence on the decision of the company.

In some states, your payroll may be reduced by the percentage you owed if there is evidence that you were in some way to blame for the accident. In other states, you cannot collect at all if you are responsible for it. If there is a chance that you contributed to the accident, or if the error is not clear, your billing may be delayed.

The insurance company

Some insurance companies have a reputation for not settling cases while others are known to offer very low comparison offers. When dealing with any of these companies, you may need to negotiate a lot or file a lawsuit to resolve the case. This can delay processing for some time, even several years. Some insurance companies have in-house attorneys who can delay the case and settlement.

Dealing with a government agency

If someone who worked for a government agency such as a city, state, or federal government was involved in your accident, you must submit certain information before the government takes action to pay your claim. In some areas, you may not be allowed to file a lawsuit against the government agency.

It may take some time to resolve your case. The same is true if Medicare or Medicaid are involved, as they may require the insurance company to reimburse the amounts they paid for your treatment.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, it’s important that you hire a personal injury attorney to walk you through the process to get your settlement as soon as possible.