When an accident occurs on the road, most people have a general idea of ​​what to do.

You’ll need to call the authorities, share information, take some pictures, and get medical help.

But what if you have an accident on private property?

If you are involved in a car accident on private property, the standard rules and regulations that apply to other car accidents may not apply to your case.

In the following article we will discuss the best ways to use a Car accident on private property.

Causes of Car Accidents on Private Property

There are several ways that a car accident on private property can occur.

Some things that can cause a wreck on private property are:

  • Distracted driving. Distracted driving is a major contributor to many types of car accidents. Whether you’re tuning the radio, eating, or looking at your cell phone, a collision can easily occur if you take your attention off the road.
  • Careless driving: You might suddenly stop to turn without a signal, or you might not check your mirrors before changing lanes. Careless driving causes many accidents.
  • Driving disorders: This is the most easily avoidable type of accident, yet many people drive under the influence of alcohol or other drugs and cause countless accidents.
  • Tailgating: We’re all running late or in a hurry, but tailgating won’t get you any faster. Avoid tailgates to avoid accidents.
  • Unsafe surfaces: From ice to potholes, there are many things on the streets that can cause car accidents.
  • Missing signage:: For example, a parking lot may not have stop or right of way signs, leading to confusion and car accidents.

These are just a few examples of a car accident on private property. No matter where you are going, you should be vigilant and aware of your surroundings to avoid accidents.

Should you call the police?

Whenever you are in a car accident on a public road, you should always call first responders first.

You need the accident report if the accident was caused by someone else. In some states, it is a legal requirement to call the authorities after an accident.

This police report could mean the difference between compensation for your injuries or a huge medical bill.

If a wreck occurs on private property, the police are not responsible for drawing up a police report as it is not a public road.

The best they can do is file an incident report, but it is often done by security guards or another company employee.

An incident report is a simplified version of a police report and is always better than nothing when you need to prove a mistake.

Who is responsible?

If you are involved in an accident on a public road, the state is usually not liable, even if the road conditions were a factor in the accident.

However, in the event of accidents on private property, both the owner and a party involved can be held responsible.

For example, suppose you are in a parking lot accident and your accident is caused by a blind spot or tight corner. In this case, part of the liability for the accident could rest with the car park owner.

For this reason, it is very common for property owners to become involved in disputes between the parties involved in the accident.

This can be helpful, especially if the owner feels they could be held liable and are willing to help.

They may be able to provide you with safety materials, an incident report, and other details that they may find helpful.

However, sometimes the owners can go defensive and refuse to help resolve the dispute because they fear they will have to help resolve the dispute.

When a car wreck happens in a parking lot, the responsible party often leaves the scene. In this case, the owner may be liable for public liability insurance.

Although the owner of the property had very little to do with the accident, he could still be held responsible for only owning the property where the crash occurred.

What should you do after a privately owned accident?

There is a lot of conflicting advice on what to do after a car accident on private property.

The first thing you should do is contact the police to see if they can at least give you an incident report. If that can’t be done, try to get one from the owner or someone who works on the property.

If you have suffered serious injuries, you must immediately consult a doctor.

If you do not receive medical care soon after the accident, usually within three days, the amount of compensation you can get for your injuries may be limited.

And the longer you wait for your injuries to be treated, the worse they get.

After seeing a doctor, you should consult an attorney even before speaking to your insurance company.

Your insurer will try to pay you the lowest possible amount to limit the losses. You therefore need an experienced lawyer to make sure you are getting what you deserve.

Personal injury lawyers work with insurance companies on a daily basis. They make sure that you avoid situations where you are getting less than what you make in your settlement.

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