When is it time to explore holistic energy healing?

Looking at the most common reasons people seek holistic energy healing can help you make up your own mind. In reality, however, only you can tell when it is appropriate for you to explore holistic energy healing.

First things first: What is meant by “healing”, “holistic” and “holistic energy healing”?

Once you have established a common understanding of these terms, you can examine the reasons others turn to this type of healing to clarify the decision for yourself.

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What is Holistic Energy Healing?

Standard definitions of healing have to do with restoring health, physical healing, treatments to treat a condition or disease, and so on.

In contrast, energy healers see a more expansive point of view.

Healing rebalances a person physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and energetically.

In fact, many naturopaths hold on to the idea that clients (patients) heal themselves and that ultimately all healing is self-healing.

In addition, holistic practitioners help their clients address mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic issues. It’s all healing.

The term “holistic” can be understood in two ways.

First, a holistic modality treats the whole person versus conventional medicine which targets a specific disease or part of the body.

Second, “holistic” implies an essential element of synergy between one or more modalities.

In other words, a holistic modality complements and can even enhance other forms of healing, including but not limited to conventional medicine.

Most forms of energy healing do both.

Holistic energy healing modalities.

In short, holistic energy healing can refer to a wide range of mind, body and spirit healing practices that focus on the body’s life force and subtle energy systems.

This includes chakras, meridians, and your aura – and how they relate to the human body, health, wellbeing, and spirituality.

Common forms of holistic energy healing are acupuncture, Qi Gong and Reiki.

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Why do people seek energy healing?

The many reasons can be broken down into several broad categories.

Perhaps one or more of these reasons support your interest in researching holistic energy healing:

Your current treatments are not working, too harsh, or incomplete.

You want to reduce your reliance on prescribed medication.

You want to work on yourself holistically.

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You feel like something is wrong, but neither you nor conventional medicine can tell what it is.

Your primary concern, or an underlying cause of imbalance, is the confusion associated with your aspirations, meaning, and personal vision.

You want to connect and communicate with your body, embodied experience, and subtle energy. The more a person works with subtle messages, the louder and clearer the messages become.

You want to be more in tune with yourself or your higher self.

You want to develop your spirituality.

When should you research holistic energy healing?

You don’t have to wait until nothing is working to learn more about energy healing.

Holistic energy healing does no harm, can be combined well with other forms of healing, often intensifies them and can be added to any healing program.

It is not recommended to stop other medical treatments without talking to your doctor. In sum, you should look into holistic energy healing if you have the urge or interest to do so.

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Patricia Bonnard, Ph.D., ACC, is a certified leadership trainer of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a certified Martha Beck life coach. For more information, contact them or visit their website.

This article was originally published on starchaser-healingarts.com. Reprinted with the kind permission of the author.

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