About Dacadoo

dacadoo licenses its Digital Health Engagement Platform, including its Health Score, to life and health insurance companies (B2B) and delivers insurtech and health-tech solutions to over 35 of the world’s top 100 life and health insurance companies. Dacadoo’s technology is available in over 15 languages ​​and is provided as a fully labeled white label solution or can be integrated into customers’ products via the API. With the “Connect, Score, Engage” offer, dacadoo supports the operators of Life & Health in motivating their customers to lead a healthier lifestyle via the SaaS-based Digital Health Engagement Platform. dacadoo also offers its Risk Engine, which calculates the probabilities for mortality and morbidity in real time. dacadoo employs over 115 people at locations in Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific region as well as over 100 pending patents for its digital life & health solutions.

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