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I had always looked after my business. However, I stopped taking care of myself a long time ago. It took me as long as I can remember sheer exhaustion and a moment of complete clarity to realize that I was on my way to becoming one of the richest people – in the cemetery. After a long look in the mirror, I had to accept that it was game over. Something had to change and that was me.

I was successful, self-made and enjoyed all the benefits of my accomplishments – on the outside – and yet an absolute wreck on the inside. Unhealthy and burned out, not only in the mind and spirit, but also in the body.

It was time. I had to put myself first before it was too late and my life was completely out of control and causing permanent, perhaps fatal, damage.

My journey of self-discovery has brought me to a destination that has enriched my life in so many previously unimaginable ways. Now, emotionally and physically rebalanced and rejuvenated, I find that this investment in myself has given me a completely newfound love for life that is full of deep happiness and health. I now know how to properly reap the rewards of my hard-earned success, and have been granted a longer life and many more years to enjoy with my precious family and friends.

I needed to be taught how to focus on myself and my well-being and learn to show more empathy for myself and others around me. My body and mind have been realigned and I am reaping the benefits, as is my business.

Sometimes it’s like we don’t have time to think about ourselves – our mind, our body, our soul. How pointless is that?

I have found that you cannot break down your problems. It’s important to take a holistic view of your life to really understand what’s at stake and to reveal the bigger picture.
I succeeded in doing this with professional support. I feel like a new person living a completely enriched, vibrant new chapter in my life. It is as if my body and mind have been expertly and gently disassembled, purified, fine-tuned, then polished and put back together to free my soul. I now know that anything is possible – and I don’t have to let myself down.

Life changing

This life changing journey made me stronger, more youthful, more focused and happier. I am the souped-up version of myself and I feel extremely grateful. My only regret is I didn’t do that years ago …

The Kusnacht practice is located on the shores of Lake Zurich and offers a holistic 360-degree balance and a restoration of body, mind and soul.

The ultra-modern plant combines Swiss quality standards and the most modern, innovative technology with world-famous medical know-how.

Each patient is treated uniquely and privately in their own five-star residence and is provided with the highest standards of professionalism, care and confidentiality.


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