IS IT too early to bring toddlers together with other children in a learning and fun environment?

According to Unesco, access to quality early childhood development, care and pre-school education helps prepare children for primary education.

Early childhood care and education is the holistic development of a child’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs in order to create a solid and broad foundation for lifelong learning and wellbeing, Unesco added.

May Tan-Go, Managing Director of the iBrain Learning Center, points out the importance of children attending preschool classes. In addition to the academic curriculum to prepare children for kindergarten, the school also focuses on their emotional and social development. “Early on, they learn basic life skills that are necessary in the real world, such as sharing, waiting for their train, showing respect and following instructions,” she added.

“I believe parents know the importance of their children’s social development and interaction. It is really worth investing in the future of the child, ”said Go, explaining the children’s preschool attendance.

The iBrain Learning Center makes learning fun for children ages two to five as it uses a multimedia approach to teaching through interactive songs, stories, games and experiments and integrates interactive and experiential activities.

“At iBrain, we encourage children to be as intelligent as possible while we focus on discovering their diverse intelligences,” she added. “In reality, it’s like improving the various skills and talents that make up a well-rounded individual.”

Howard Gardner of Harvard University claims that all humans have multiple intelligences. These multiple intelligences can be nourished and strengthened or, unfortunately, ignored and weakened if they are not properly observed.

At the beginning of the pandemic, iBrain teachers completed a virtual workshop with an expert in child development. They have been trained to use specific techniques and strategies to help students transition online and make teaching more effective.

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“We have always been very interactive and experience-oriented in our approach. That is why we continued our special events despite the pandemic. Our online celebrations of ‘Linggo ng Wika’, the Career Days and United Nations Days to name a few, allowed our students to creatively dress up and show off and talk while learning the essence of each event, ”explained Go. “We are happy to say that we have succeeded in providing our young students with real physical exercise during their online PE class. We do our best to give them an insight into the actual activities that are being carried out during the classroom teaching. “

Go also praised parents and guardians for helping the children during class. Before the start of the online lessons, iBrain conducted a training course for parents and legal guardians specifically on the use of the technology for online lessons.

“The past school year was very challenging, but also fulfilling. I noticed that many children have really matured and become independent. We also saw how online teaching became a good family bond experience as parents became more actively involved in their children’s education and gained effective parenting and teaching skills while watching our teachers teach online, ”emphasized the iBrain school administrator Hazel Tan.

iBrain is now accepting enrollment for the next school year, which starts on 08/09/2021. Reading and academic tutorials are also offered during the summer holidays.

To ensure high quality learning, iBrain maintains small class sizes, so places are limited. This encourages parents to register their children as early as possible. Sponsored content

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