“Ilera Holistic Healthcare only produces medical cannabis products of the highest pharmaceutical quality.”

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This groundbreaking agreement enables IHH to bring its first inhalable cannabis products to market Louisiana Medical Marijuana (MMJ) Market – an important step in the company’s mission to bring the most advanced medical cannabis options to patients. In addition to FREEDOMThis includes other strains to be introduced in the coming months. FREEDOM and other IHH products are available through the state-licensed MMJ pharmacies and are available to all patients in the state upon the recommendation of a doctor. Ilera operates in Louisiana under license from Southern University, the only historically black university in the country to launch CBD and THC lines of marijuana drug products.

The award-winning Era Pro is the most advanced device on the international market, offering an exceptional delivery of medical aerosol using premium cannabis distillate and a natural harlequin terpene blend. The aerosol from this device is free of harmful heavy metals, toxins and combustion by-products to ensure a safe inhalation experience. PAX pods contain only food grade materials that have been tested to medical standards and certified as contaminant free. The PAX app puts control and transparency directly into the hands of pharmacists and their patients. It offers true dose control, temperature control, and locking features available on iPhone, Android, and the web. PodID provides unparalleled access to information including pod ingredients, strain and potency information, government-regulated test results, and much more. The Era Pro device is available from PAX Labs or Louisiana Cannabis pharmacies. Military personnel receive a 20% discount on pax.com.

“At Ilera Holistic Healthcare, our top priority is to serve patients and provide them with the best options for their medical cannabis treatment,” said IHH CEO Dr. Chanda Macias. “Metered vaporization provides patients with better drug bioavailability and faster onset of action compared to other delivery methods. We are so proud to partner with PAX, an industry leader providing the highest quality technology system to bring our patients the most advanced inhaler.”

“Ilera Holistic Healthcare only makes medical cannabis products of the highest pharmaceutical quality and shares PAX’s strict quality and safety ethos,” he said David Atkins, Head of Business Development, PAX Labs. “This launch is a huge step forward for PAX in the burgeoning cannabis industry of the South, and we couldn’t have a better partner than pioneer Dr. Chanda Macias and the talented team at Ilera Holistic Healthcare to bring these products closer to patients Louisiana. ”

Ilera Holistic Healthcare’s cannabis products are grown, grown, processed and packaged Louisiana through a partnership with Southern University Agricultural Research and Expansion Center.

“We are very excited to launch our first inhalable product with Ilera Holistic Healthcare through this exciting new partnership with PAX,” said Dr. Janana Snowden, Director of the Southern Institute for Medicinal Plants at the Southern University Ag Center. “We all share the goal of bringing the highest quality medicinal cannabis to all Louisians using a variety of methods to suit their needs. The introduction of FREEDOM and other upcoming inhalable products through this partnership is a significant step in that direction.”

About holistic health care
Ilera Holistic Healthcare (IHH) is a fully integrated medical marijuana company that combines science and innovation to discover life changing therapies. in the LouisianaIHH works together with its first-class cultivation and extraction methods Southern University Expertly create and deliver consistent, high quality medicines. From seeds and soil to pharmacy shelves, Ilera strives to deliver a great health and wellness experience.

About PAX
PAX Labs’ mission is to improve people’s lives through exceptional cannabis experiences. For more than a decade, we’ve focused on developing award-winning premium devices that deliver lasting quality through innovations in design and technology. PAX works with hand-picked partners across the country who curate and produce the highest quality and purest cannabis concentrates for PAX Era pods. The PAX brand stands for passion for more well-being and joy and is committed to establishing cannabis as a force for good – promoting the causes of social justice, access and justice in space.

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