Exercising caution when parking a vehicle is just as important as following safe driving practices on the road.
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Ajman: In another freak accident that killed a family member of the car driver, an Indian woman died when her husband switched off his four-wheel drive in Ajman on Saturday.

According to the municipality, the tragic incident occurred in the parking lot of a hospital in Ajman, where the Keralite couple had gone for a health check. Liji, the 45-year-old mother of two, helped her husband park the car and gave him a sign while standing in front of the car, said Sajad Nattika, president of the Indian association Umm Al Quwain.

“The car accidentally sped forward and she got trapped between the car and the composite wall and couldn’t be rescued,” he said. Sajad said the community was shocked and saddened after hearing of the tragic death.

“He was my college colleague and also a member of the club. We have always seen them [the couple] together. Both are good drivers. Everyone is so shocked and saddened by their fate, ”added Nattika.

He said the bereaved was completely shaken even though the relatives tried to comfort him and his daughter. The couple’s older son is an engineering student in India, while their daughter is studying at a school in Umm Al Quwain, where the family has lived for several years.

While Ajman police are investigating the case, Nattika said the association’s officials and social worker Ashraf Thamarassery were helping the family complete the formalities for the return of Liji’s remains.

Neeraj Agrawal, Consul for Press, Information and Culture at the Indian Consulate in Dubai, said: “The consulate extends its heartfelt condolences to the family and the support we need.”

Call for caution

The accident again underscored the need for better care and caution for drivers in the parking lots. There have been cases of children being run over by vehicles driven by their family members in parking lots in the United Arab Emirates. Police have repeatedly urged parents and others to be extra careful while driving, especially with children around and moving into and out of parking spaces.

“It’s a common mistake. People should be extra careful in the parking lots as anything can happen if someone is in front of or behind the car, ”said Nattika.

A similar opinion was held by Naseer Vatanappally, a social worker who supported a family of an 18-month-old girl who was accidentally knocked down by her father in 2016. “All drivers need to be aware of their surroundings – not just on the road, but also in parking lots, especially in villas and parking lots where children play,” he said.

Parking lot accidents are a large part of the accidents reported in several countries. One way to prevent this is to remind drivers to watch out for pedestrians and other cars, Saleh Jafar, president of Gulf at YASA, said one international road safety organization.

He suggested that commercial establishments put up safety signs in parking lots. “An awareness campaign on this issue can also help.”

Tips for safe parking:

Be especially careful when parking your car and watch out for pedestrians, children and other drivers.

When reversing, be careful not to endanger others.

Be courteous and respectful of other drivers looking for parking.

Use your lights in underground parking lots and drive very slowly – there may be a lot of pedestrians around.

Be careful and avoid blocking others.

Use only dedicated parking spaces and obey the no-parking signs, no-parking areas, and parking spaces for determined people.

Avoid parking “closest” to where you want to go at all costs. It is often safer to use a parking lot a little further down, and it is good if you take a few steps.