Aurangabad, April 30th: How it is ingrained in the minds of students to …

Educational policy for the holistic development of students

Aurangabad, April 30th:

Since it is ingrained in the minds of the students that one has to study in order to get grades in the exams. But now the students have forgotten to study in order to acquire knowledge. However, Govind Kabra, director of the Dnyandeep Foundation Center (DFC), expressed confidence that the new education policy would remove the shortcomings in the existing education system and promote children’s creativity, research attitude and mental and physical abilities.

Campus Club and DFC jointly organized a webinar on April 30th. As part of the webinar, Kabra gave the students and parents detailed instructions on the changes in the education sector according to the new educational concept. Regarding the educational concept, he said that according to the new educational policy, all skills necessary for holistic development have been included in the curriculum. Hence, it will automatically encourage people to understand and acquire knowledge by avoiding mistakes. Special attention has been paid to the mental health of students under the new education policy, Kabra said.


Outdoor sports are important for mental health

Children are no longer used to hearing rejections and accepting mistakes in exams. As a result, they become depressed very quickly. To prevent this from happening, teach children the habit of outdoor sports from a young age. Winning or losing in sports is a form of mental health vaccination, Kabra said.

1) DFC Advance Foundation Course

The Advanced Foundation Course was developed by DFC as a special preparation for international competition exams at school level. Currently this course is very useful for 8th and 9th grade students. To take part in the basic course for the 5th to 9th grade from May 1st, you can call the number 9225318727.

2) Features of DFC-

– Dedicated helpline system to give personal attention to students’ studies.

– Self-study table for each student.

– Students’ study records in a planned manner.

– Peer tutoring means that a student who is familiar with a lesson has to explain it to other students.


– Take the DFC and Campus Club logo.

– Take a picture of Govind Kabra.

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