When looking for treatment, or buying or selling a practice, post-COVID-19 is a better time and place to move on with chiropractic care

A beacon for chiropractic shines as we tackle the worst pandemic we know in our lives. A bold statement, but the following is my rationale for advancing chiropractic.

For many years, well before the pandemic, the dark side of technology has been the preferred method of communication and has distanced us from businesses and each other. Before “social distancing” became a submissive lexicon in our language, we were already experiencing the impersonal, distant, but modern ways of communicating and connecting with business, family, community and friends.

Technology and interaction

The use of voicemails, texts, emails, chatbots, and automated customer service reps in virtually all large organizations sums up how most face-to-face communication takes place today. But despite this modern day messaging and connection, people wanted human and physical interaction now and forever. A recent survey on the most preferred communication method cited on review42.com shows that over 75% of us choose personal, human interaction over purely digital and voice-automated platforms.

The medical profession is currently touting telemedicine as a necessary way of providing care for patients who do not dare to venture into the office. However, these types of “patch” medications will never replace the need for a doctor to meet with a patient in person – to see, hear, and most importantly, a practical diagnostic exam, their facial and verbal cues. For chiropractors, touching the patient and adjusting is the primary and most important method of therapy and treatment.

There is no question that even beyond the need to obtain chiropractic protocols for acute, corrective, and health care care, there is a fundamental biological and human need for personal communication, emotional connection, and personal touch. As chiropractors, we know that the laying on of hands has immense therapeutic value beyond the very mechanical movements that require various adjustments to the spine and soft tissue. Social media platforms via computers or cell phones will never replace the need for physical proximity in all its forms.

This is why chiropractic practices will actually enter a golden age of referential health care to advance chiropractic, and practices will be more successful than ever.

Advancing Chiropractic Through Wellness

For decades, only 8-10% of the US population has received chiropractic care. Despite all of the techniques used by our marketing and business consultants, this dial has not moved up a higher percentage. But during and after COVID, more people will be looking for natural ways to get healthier, prevent disease, and maintain their health through chiropractic, lifestyle, exercise, diet, and stress relief.

In practice, there is a boom in patients seeking care and physical touch providing therapeutic benefits and health advice. This coming post-pandemic golden age is now creating a simultaneous market for sellers and buyers of chiropractic practices. For those who sell their practice, market value is likely to rise from currently depressed prices as their incomes, existing and new patient visits increase rapidly. Banks and lending institutions have already started releasing their capital reserves for avid buyers who want to accelerate their careers by taking responsibility for successful practices.

The purchase of a practice is again viewed as a safe loan for the lender. Practice buyers can now feel confident that they are buying a profitable company that will offer them a fulfilling and secure financial future.

Once again, sellers are getting great ROI for all of the years of hard work it took to build and maintain a successful healthcare business. Buyers, on the other hand, feel confident in embracing a company’s goodwill and have confidence in their investment to advance chiropractic care.

Gregory M. Kingsbury, DC, is the founder of ChiroEquity, a statewide brokerage and evaluation company for chiropractic practices. With more than 35 years of experience, he has helped hundreds of chiropractors sell and acquire practices. He can be reached at greg@chiroequity.com, 908-419-7510 or chiroequity.com.