Elite gymnast Jade Carey has mathematically qualified for the Olympics in Tokyo as an individual – when we spoke to her last fall, she said she was excited about the opportunity but is still on her way to the Olympic trials, where places on Team USA’s four-man squad will also be ready to take on. She is currently preparing for the 2021 American Gymnastics Championships, after which she debuted with a stunning new skill: a triple-turn double-back layout (or triple-double layout).

To get ready for the Games, Carey, 21, and a future gymnast at Oregon State University, is perfect with her routines and makes small skills upgrades specifically on bars and bars. At least once a week, Carey and her teammates do an ab-circuit during gymnastics exercise, which consists of approx. 25 different exercises. All movements are core-focused and finished lying on the ground.

“It’s pretty fast, but it’s still pretty hard and a good workout,” she told POPSUGAR. Keep reading in six of these exercises – they are body weight but will definitely bring the heat (believe me, I know I’ve been in the sport for over a decade). Most of the movements are based on a basic hollow position that is essential for proper shape during oscillations on rods and certain tumbling passes.

The following exercises are not designed to be performed as a single workout; it’s just a list of exercises you can try. Extra props if you point your toes!