Jennifer Aniston takes a holistic approach to wellness.

The 52-year-old actress admits that her approach has evolved significantly over the years, and she now feels it is important to be open-minded.

The Hollywood star mused, “We all generally grow up and old. You can’t deny that, it’s a guarantee.

“But we can be vital and thrive in our older years. Our society loves to say, ‘Oh, you’re that age, now you’re going downhill. And now you’re going to the pasture and that’s it, boo-bye.” .. You are no longer valuable or useful to society. ‘ And that’s just so wrong. I just think that’s just wrong. “

Jennifer explained that her new approach to wellness goes way beyond nutrition.

She said E! News: “It’s not just nutritious, it’s emotional, it’s spiritual. Be really attentive to what you get in your ears, your eyes, what you ingest, the social media you post, the news. It is very, very, very, very important to our wellbeing. “

Jennifer credits her love for health and wellness to her late mother, Nancy Dow.

She shared, “My mother was a big health junkie.

“As a kid I didn’t get any of the fun Froot Loops or Captain Crunches or Wonder Breads. I was wheat germ and oatmeal, all kinds of germs. My mother was always very health conscious and did yoga. And that’s how I grew up in it.”

However, the actress’ approach changed dramatically when she left home as a teenager.

She said, “My kind of teenage rebellion was eating bad food.

“All of a sudden I had everything I wanted. I had fruity pebbles! Then I noticed such a significant change in my feelings. I was exhausted, I was grumpy, my skin was terrible, my body was changing.” and I just didn’t like how I felt. “

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