That is why children need chiropractic care

From Dr. Molly Casey

Have you ever walked into the chiropractic office and seen a teenage boy adjust? Or maybe a couple of middle school aged kids? Some elementary school kids? Or maybe even a baby? It is often asked, “Do children need chiropractic care? And if so, why does or does a child need or need to be fitted by a chiropractor? ‘

The spine and a nervous system

Newborns, children and adolescents – just like adults – have spines. These spines protect the nervous system. The nervous system is the body’s communication system. The brain speaks to the body through the spinal cord and miles of nerves. The body sends messages back into the spinal cord and back to the brain through these miles of nerves.

Newborns, children, adolescents and adults live their entire lives through this communication system. We eat, breathe, digest food, move and deal with life through and because of this system. The better this system works, the better opportunities we have for an optimally healthy and fulfilling life. If the spine is restricted or does not move properly, it can affect the functioning of the nervous system.

Eighty percent of the nervous system does not transmit pain, which means that 80 percent of the time, one can have dysfunction at some level and no painful symptoms. A chiropractor’s spine review and adjustment is related to proper spinal health and movement, not the person’s age or the symptoms they may (or may not) have.


Trauma comes in many forms. The moment we start living is the moment we start experiencing trauma of all kinds. The birth process in and of itself is a traumatic event. It is a literal wake-up call when the baby leaves one environment and enters another where it works on its own. It is common for babies to have limitations of the cervical spine (subluxation) after the birth process due to the torque and process of physically exiting the birth canal, as it is smaller than the baby itself. Because of this, gentle adjustments in chiropractic can help that correct the resulting restrictions of the spine.

There are so many physical transitions in recent years that it is difficult to keep track of things: rolling over, learning fine motor skills, learning ups and downs while walking, etc. Most people fall more in the first few years of life than you will the rest of their lives united. These falls affect the health and movement of the spine, but people tend not to think about it. These are trauma. Chiropractic adjustments can help correct these minor trauma so the effects don’t build up over the years and cause a massive problem of limitation, immobility, or improper movement in the spine.

In adolescence and adolescence, children grow quickly and often engage in far more activities. Sport is extremely healthy for children, but it also puts a strain on the body. Falls, hits, long exercises and new training routines push the child’s abilities and limits. It is important that the child’s spine is regularly checked by a chiropractor to ensure optimal spinal movement and nervous system function so that the child has the best chance of optimal performance.


Our world today is more than ever full of toxins – in food, in water supplies, in the soil, in medicines, in the environment. Toxins are everywhere.

External toxins that we come into contact with through touch, breathing or ingestion can negatively affect and stress the nervous system. With added stress, it becomes more difficult to adjust. then a less than optimally functioning nervous system develops. When the nervous system itself is stressed in this way, a minimal restriction of the spine has a more negative effect. While certain external toxins may not be eliminated, having a child’s spine regularly checked and adjusted by a chiropractor can allow less stress and more adaptability.

Children, like adults, need chiropractic care. If they have a spine and a nervous system – and they do – they can benefit from regular spinal checkups and chiropractic adjustments. It will look different depending on your age and individual, and that’s perfectly fine. You don’t customize a baby the way you customize a toddler, teenager, or adult. The bottom line is that the healthier the spine in newborns in adulthood, the better the chance of an optimally healthy body. On your next visit, take your kids to the chiropractor and have them all checked out!

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