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Raiders running back Josh Jacobs were accused of neglecting to exercise due diligence following a car crash last week in Las Vegas. The second year back was posted on suspicion of driving under the influence of the driver when he was reportedly involved in the accident around 4:42 a.m. local time near McCarran International Airport. Jacobs suffered minor injuries in the accident. While officials may suspect that Jacobs was under the influence of Jacobs, an investigation found him to be below the legal limit.

“Our customer Josh Jacobs was involved in a single vehicle accident on the morning of January 4th in Las Vegas, NV, and sustained minor injuries, including an injury to his forehead,” said Jacobs’ attorney in a statement from NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport. “Contrary to early media coverage, Josh was never charged with a DUI. After a full review of the evidence, the Clark County Attorney’s Office filed a complaint this morning alleging only improper care. Josh appreciates that.” The District Attorney’s thoroughness and full review of the accident and we would like to thank the ambulance and law enforcement agencies on site. “

Due diligence is primarily focused on preventing accidents behind the wheel of a vehicle that Jacobs believed to violate those accidents. Clark Count District Attorney Steve Wolfson stated in his statement that Jacobs’ blood alcohol level was now above the legal limit.

“The police investigation into Josh Jacobs ‘case found that Mr. Jacobs’ blood alcohol level was below the legal limit and therefore no DUI charges will be brought against him, the statement said Monday. However, based on Mr. Jacobs’ driving behavior, My Office has filed a criminal complaint for a violation of the driver’s duty to reduce speed in certain circumstances. “

It remains unclear whether Jacobs, who ran over a thousand meters last season and completed a total of 12 touchdowns, will be punished by the league for this incident. Given that an investigation found he was not driving under the influence of drivers and received what appeared to be a fairly minor charge, it would not be surprising if he avoided punishment from the league office as well, but that will ultimately remain to be seen.