Never in these times have we seen topics like self-care and health being addressed so regularly – both on and off social media. The ongoing pandemic has definitely challenged us all as we have had to find ways to find comfort and coping mechanisms mainly from home. While waiting for the country to gradually open up again, we spoke to Juhi Singh – an oriental medicine specialist, acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist and founder of the Juhi-Ash Center, a holistic wellness center in New York City, which is based on integrative medicine focused, acupuncture and Ayurveda – about the little things you can implement in your life to deal with stress and take care of yourself at home.

How can one practice holistic wellbeing and self care at home?

“Awareness is key. Awareness of your thoughts. Awareness of your body. Awareness of what you’re fueling your body with. Practice recognizing which of your thoughts are true and which are not. Especially with self-judgment. If you find yourself thinking all the time, Ugh, I have terrible hair, then look in the mirror. Really? I’ll guess no. Wink at yourself and compliment your hair. Does that sound silly to you? Trust me, it is not. You condition your thoughts how you condition your body. It is also very important to move that well-groomed body. Perform it, dance it, exhaust it with short intensity. Then stretch it out with yoga. Yoga is multitasking at its best . Relieve your mind and body. Eat as cleanly as possible. An Ayurvedic diet respects the seasons. In mild weather you can use root vegetables and warming foods l Reduce to lighter food. Holistic means “whole”. The whole picture is probably pretty good. It just takes a little practice to really love you lf. And as with any exercise, you will occasionally fall short. Take a break and get back into the game. “

Do you have any useful tips on how to reduce stress?

“Lavender is great for relaxing. But sometimes lavender just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes you have to go BIG and just hit an inanimate object that can’t or can’t hurt you. I’m a huge fan of pillow slapping. My bed is covered with pillows to catch tears and left hooks. Sometimes you can relieve stress with meditation music and a warm bath. Sometimes you have to get up. I’m very anxious to put up the stakes. How do you do one? plus one equals ten? What Works for me at the moment is a cool shower. I love the Kohler Moxie bluetooth shower head, it comes with an aromatherapy option. It’s a bit pricey but I’m worth the wink and stuff before I’ve had it I blew iTunes and lit a scented candle. That works too. Music is booming, favorite soap, favorite lotion and above all … shave my legs. Then I slip under freshly washed sheets em small square There’s a reason hotels leave them on your bed. A little indulgence says I’m worth it. Learn to access pt yourself. Even if you forget to shave your legs. ”

What are some of your favorite beauty and wellness products right now?

“I’m always looking for the best in this category. I review them based on science and results. My home and closets are a research expedition for a woman. I do this to only recommend what I believe in, for me, my family and friends I am lucky that my dear friend Petra Nemcova is like-minded. Petra and I have been best friends for 16 years. She is the godmother of my sons. I have never seen her without 100% commitment. I am it excites and proud of their new company, Ace Of Air. This line of wellness products does not fall under their high standards of integrity. They care for human health and the health of the planet Brillant. What is in the bottle is as pure as Petras “Heart. As always, my focus is on products that boost the immune system. Your immune system won’t run at full strength without supplements. Yes, most of yours Nutrients should come from food, but there are nutrients the immune system needs that are not produced in optimal quantities from the foods you eat. Unless, of course, you eat kale 24/7, and even that isn’t enough. I don’t go a day without Pure Essentials supplements. It is the highest purity and potency available. “

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