Kate Hudson is a red hot mom! The 42-year-old allocated social media flaunt their fabulous figure in a red bikini on Wednesday. “Like mother like daughter,” she captioned the photo of herself and her daughter Rani in a red swimsuit that was covered with hearts. It’s hard to stop staring at the actress and fitness brand founder’s washboard abs, especially when you consider she gave birth to three babies! What are their health and wellness secrets for looking good and feeling good? Read on for 6 of her best tips she shared, and the bikini photo that proves they work.


She takes her own supplements

The photo Kate shared on Wednesday actually advertised her INBLOOM wellness and nutritional supplement line. Hudson started the line with a belief that beauty starts from the inside out. “Really, where it started for me was beauty. Magazines always asked me, ‘What are your favorite beauty products? What do you do to keep your skin rested?'” She told InStyle. “My answer was always, ‘I know this is boring, but it’s an inside-out job.'”


She trains five days a week

Photo by David Crotty / Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Fitness is an important part of Hudson’s life. “Now that Rani is getting a little older and her nap is longer, I’ve been able to exercise at least 30 minutes a day, maybe five times a week,” she told InStyle. “I make sure I can’t go without something for 30 minutes in a day. I’ve been doing this since April and I’ve noticed tremendous changes in my body.”


She changes her training

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Getty ImagesDavid Crotty / Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Variety is key when it comes to Hudson’s training. “I do everything. I have to turn it up, I’m getting so bored,” she told InStyle. “I loved the Obé app, they have 20 minute workouts that are really tough and if you do them with the right form they are really effective. I love my yoga apps like Glo and I use Body by Simone and so do Tracy Anderson’s apps – there’s nothing like her abs. I love my peloton. I love Pilates – it’s always been my number one. “

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She lives an active life with her family

Even if she doesn’t work up a sweat on purpose, Hudson manages to keep her family active. Her social media account is filled with fun photos of you and your kids engaging in fun activities inside and outside the home.


She eats fresh





Hudson has a clean diet and even grows her own lemons. “Always determined to make this lemonade,” she said in an Instagram post next to a bucket of it. Then she tries an early meal time. “Rani eats around 5:30 am, but then my boys eat around 6:00 am, so I try to get everyone to do something between 5:30 am and 6:00 am,” she said.


She stays healthy with WW

Kate Hudson with WW in NYC on January 10, 2019 in New York City.

Kate Hudson with WW in NYC on January 10, 2019 in New York City.

Hudson signed up as an ambassador for WW after welcoming her daughter and uses her app to do everything from tracking her eating habits to finding new recipes. “My struggle is not in weight loss,” she told the Today Show. “For me, it’s about staying healthy and staying focused and balanced.” She added, “One of the things about this rewrite of the WW is that it’s not just about weight, it’s wellness,” she said. “For me it’s all about support. … Everyone looks to get motivated, how do you stay motivated?”

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