A Kerala Police House guard is commended for looking after a baby outside of a hospital after her parents had an accident. | Photo credit: Facebook

A policeman from Kerala won the hearts of thousands of people for a kind gesture. KS Suresh, a Kerala Police house guard, looked after a toddler outside a hospital after her parents had an accident. A video of Suresh cradling the child on his shoulder has gone viral on social media.

The 32-second clip was posted on Facebook by the Kerala Police. Suresh can be seen walking with a baby on his shoulder. The seven-month-old baby miraculously survived a car accident that injured her parents and relatives. Her older sister died in the accident.

The family was returning to their home in Kayamkulam when their vehicle collided with a truck. The five people injured in the accident were taken to hospital.

Watch the video here:

The toddler kept crying. Suresh, who was on duty at the Kayamkulam Taluk Hospital Aid Post, looked after the baby until the relatives arrived. He took the girl in his arms. He rocked her to let her sleep.

The video, shot by a social worker at the hospital, went viral on social media. Internet users praised Suresh for his heartwarming gesture.

One user said, “My appreciation for this gentleman. A rare scene.” Another wrote, “This type of police officer should be honored.”

A third user commented: “My big greetings to this brother who has not lost his humanity.” Yet another added, “The person who has proven there are people in the police force is too grand a greeting, sir.”