A Kerala Police Department home guard wins hearts for a simple but kind gesture.

Home guardian KS Suresh received widespread praise after a video showing him caring for a toddler went viral.

In the video that the Kerala police posted on their Facebook page, Suresh can be seen walking with a baby on his shoulder and taking extreme care of her.

Kerala Police / Facebook

What happened

The 7 month old miraculously survived a car accident that left her relatives, including her parents, injured and her older sister dead.

The family was returning to their home in Kayankulam, Alapuzaha District Tuesday morning when their car crashed into a truck.

In the collision, the eldest daughter of the family died and five other occupants of the vehicle were injured.

They were taken to a local hospital for first aid.

When the parents were admitted to the hospital, the toddler started crying violently and Suresh, who was on duty at the Police Aid Post, took the girl and comforted her.

According to police, Suresh looked after the baby until the relatives arrived.

The video of Suresh’s kind gesture was filmed by a social worker who was in the hospital and posted on social media.

Although Suresh’s actions were praised by both police and the public, this was not always the case.

Not the first time

Recently, a plainclothes officer in Kerala was suspended for taking what he believed would be helpful to the public.

Plain policeman PC Raghu, who is stationed at Kalamassery Police Station in Ernakulam District, took the initiative to provide refreshments to the public arriving there.


On Raghu’s initiative, the police collected money to install a coffee machine and an RO water dispenser at the train station.

In a gruesome twist of fate, Raghu received a suspension order from DCP Aishwarya Dongre IPS for failing to obtain senior citizens’ prior approval to install the vending machine and speaking to the media without authorization.

However, local media quoting other police officers reported that the suspension was due to the DCP not being invited to the inauguration.