Kumuya was founded by GTCL, a Singapore-based wellness company that owns two organic food brands – Anaya and Pili Pushers.

The brand debut in mid-2020 with two plant-based skin care products – the Rejuvenate Nutri-Serum Concentrate and the Illuminate Nutri-Serum Concentrate to combat skin aging and lighten the skin.

Both products were researched and developed in Sweden and manufactured in the USA.

This is the company’s first foray into beauty and personal care, which it believes is a natural extension of its business.

“This is one of the reasons we started our business in the first place. We want people to live their lives well, live longer, and live more beautifully, ”said co-founder Gary Chin.

Most recently, the company announced that it will launch the Kumuya Skin Wellness Meal Plan, a personalized breakdown of what you should be eating based on your skin problems, starting in March.

The nutrition plan covers seven major skin care problems such as acne, aging, eczema, and hyperpigmentation.

For USD 19.90, the brand offers its customers a personalized 7-day meal plan with three recommended meals and snacks, recipes for each meal and a shopping list.

Aside from skin issues, meals are also based on the individual’s dietary preferences, BMI, and weight goals.

Chin told CosmeticsDesign-Asia that the idea for the menu came from the company’s belief in holistic wellbeing.

“We have been active in the wellness sector for seven years and are committed to nutritious health from the point of view of food. We look at skin care from a general wellness perspective. It’s not just about what you use, but what you eat too. “

The menu plans are based on the company’s research into skin health and ingredients, especially Asian ingredients, Chin said.

“The menus are designed to make it easier to consume foods for certain skin problems. We did a lot of research to find out which foods are beneficial for certain skin conditions. For example, if you have eczema, salmon and ginkgo biloba would be good for you. “

In addition to the menu, the company will publish a book on skin health and food in the second quarter of the year.

The company believes it can harness the health and wellbeing awareness that has increased due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“When we look at how the world is going, the focus is much more on health and wellness. It’s not something we predicted, but it’s a coincidence. COVID-19 was a reminder that many of us have ignored our health, “Chin said.

In addition, the company plans to introduce new skin care products this year.

While Chin was cautious about the details of the products, he indicated that it would expand its current range and create a skin care system that supports the entire concept of skin health and nutrition.

The products are currently being tested in development trials and the company expects to launch them in the fourth quarter of this year.

Chin added that the company believes in the new products as it recently had very positive results for its first two products that were independently tested.

“We were blown away by the amazing results. Our Rejuvenate Nutri-Serum Concentrate was found to reduce cell aging by 69% and the Illuminate Nutri-Serum Concentrate to reduce melanin production by 25%. It supports our decision to use herbal ingredients. “

Next stop: China and USAIf you

The company believes Kumuya has global potential. In addition to Singapore, the brand is also available in China and the USA.

“China went very well for us. The feedback we get is that the Chinese like our products because they “smell safe”. Although we don’t have a distributor in the US, we are available to a limited extent through a retailer, ”said Chin.

While the company has plans to expand, Chin said it will focus more on its launches this year.

“We are certainly interested in expansion. The US in particular is next for us as we believe there is a real opportunity in terms of awareness, acceptance and demand, but we need the bandwidth. “

He added, “This year is about growing your breath first. We’re bringing the menu, the book and other products onto the market – so we don’t want to bite more than we can chew.

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