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Latest Political News: Boris Johnson Strikes Back At EU, Insists “We Didn’t Block Vaccines”

Prime Minister’s Dream of Northern Ireland Tunnel Is Getting Closer Boris Johnson: Traffic Overhaul Will Accelerate Our Recovery The EU and Ireland are joining forces to capitalize on US pressure on Brexit Coronavirus One-Month Free Trial Boris Johnson has the boss’s comments of the European Council, Charles Michel, directly challenged, noting that the UK had imposed a “total ban” on exports of Covid vaccines. The Prime Minister used his PMQ appearance to “correct” the claim made yesterday, saying, “We have not blocked a single export of a single Covid-19 vaccine or vaccine components.” This pandemic has put us all on the same page in the battle for global health. We are against vaccine nationalism of any kind. “Downing Street tries to apologize and retract allegations, but so far Mr. Michel has refused to do so, instead insisting that there are” various ways of imposing bans or restrictions ” Nicole Mannion, EU Deputy Ambassador to Great Britain, was invited to a meeting at the Foreign Office this morning after Foreign Minister Dominic Raab wrote directly to Mr Michel about the “totally false” allegations asking him to “set the record correct “”. A senior government official told the Telegraph: “The move arose out of frustration that this false statement was repeated despite repeated corrections throughout the commission.” We want to work closely with our European friends to fight the virus – but we will only be effective if we work together. The public correction reflected the strength of views at the top of the government. “Follow the latest updates below.