From the moment a child is old enough to sit in a classroom to the day they graduate from college, they are constantly taught to accept that success in life comes solely from the accumulation of depends on financial prosperity. While being broke is undesirable, money should only be viewed as part of actual wealth, according to the holistic school of thought of wealth.

This concept emphasizes the need for wealth in every part of a person’s life, including the financial, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects, as well as abundance of time and happy relationships. So many people work extremely hard to get ahead financially but are utterly impoverished in every other aspect of life. It is a completely unbalanced lifestyle to spend 12 to 14 hours a day without time for your children, partner and family. Exercise, self-care, meditation, worship, and proper nutrition are luxuries that too many people do not find time for.

As Leah Steele explains, the situation for women is almost twice as bad. During the entire struggle for the “career woman”, so many women strive to climb the rungs of professional success without having the time to concentrate on other important areas of life. No woman has to go through life with the limited mental commandment that she should put all of her energy into a single stream of income and be grateful as her life moves on the path dictated by society.

“We don’t have wealth unless we have it in all areas of our lives,” says Steele. “I feel like my goal on this planet is to help people wake up. So that you realize that you are the most powerful creator in your reality and are more than capable of creating what you deeply desire. “

Steele, a holistic wealth strategist and thought leader, is the founder and CEO of The Leah Steele Brand, a holistic online wealth coaching community that aims to “inspire, guide, and empower millions of women to rediscover the purpose of their souls and fully to get involved in wildly profitable purpose-built work ”. Steele believes in the divinity and sovereignty of the human soul, which enables the body and mind to reach milestones beyond our wildest imagination. The only catch – you have to believe that you are capable of anything.

“You already have all the power,” she says. “By connecting with your infinite divine immortal soul, all you have to do is set your intention and bring it into being. Follow the directions given by the universe and connect with the highest version of yourself. “

Inspired by personal experience

Steele had not always been so aware of her all-encompassing wealth and general well-being. In fact, despite having two successful companies, her experiences of lack of fulfillment in other areas of her life were the main motivation behind starting The Leah Steele Brand.

Steele is an only child and was raised by a single mother who studied and worked incredibly hard to care for her child. Although she appreciates her mother’s remarkable efforts, she always knew that she didn’t want to have the same lifestyle for herself.

“My mom always told me I could do great things,” recalls Steele. “And if you hear something enough when you repeat it, it sinks into your subconscious. I became an avid reader from an early age and quickly became interested in money. “

She was so passionate about financial independence that she got her first retail job at the age of 13 and never had less than two jobs after that. Steele later attended college to study international business and Asian studies. At the age of 19, she left Utah to look for greener pastures in New York.

“The experience was an incredible number of opportunities for me,” she says of her time in New York. “I started working for the largest newspaper consortium and was quickly assigned to the two largest clients. Things went on and I later got a job in sports marketing working for FIFA at the 1999 Women’s Cup – the biggest women’s sporting event in the world. “

Ordinarily, most people would be motivated to climb the corporate ladder in the corporate world of sport, but those experiences had exactly the opposite effect on Steele. All she could think about was entrepreneurship, and of course she took a chance.

Behind every dark cloud

Steele eventually returned to Utah to start a business. She and her mother opened a sober addiction treatment facility that eventually became a family business. She also teamed up with her husband to develop an outpatient program, and while both companies ran for eight years, Steele was completely unfulfilled for the rest of her life.

“I lived the life of a country club: my kids were in a private school, I had a house on the hill, and everything on the outside seemed perfect,” she recalled. “I had everything that should give me happiness. But inside I broke down. I was unhappy. My marriage was on the verge of divorce and my relationship with my children was strained because I didn’t have time to spend with them. “

Steele was so close to going mentally upset when she finally asked herself – should her life develop so much after so many years of giving? There had to be more to reach for. At this point, her spiritual transformation was ignited and it spurred her on yet another journey through life in which she would prioritize her happiness and overall wellbeing.

“My spiritual gifts flowed back in full force when I quickly realized that I was not fulfilling my purpose,” she said. That realization then manifested the ultimate demise of my multi-million dollar company. Over the next 12 months, both of the companies I ran broke up. We lost $ 3 million, my house, my car, and we were in over $ 1 million in debt. “

Losing her business has been a dark time in her life, but the silver lining came in the manifestation of her coaching business, a company that has enabled her to discover her true purpose in life while building holistic wealth for herself and her family .

Steele now lives in Bali, Indonesia with her husband and children. She leads a community of emancipated women who are working to deconstruct the social norms that limit true wealth consciousness. To stay one step ahead of wealth creation in every aspect of your life, you must first challenge and continually override the values ​​you have received since childhood.

“I’ve listened to things that have repeatedly inspired me,” says Leah, describing some of the daily prosperity awareness practices that she used at the beginning of her journey. “I read it over and over again. I knew that the power of repetition and accessibility can help others reach overflow states and bring prosperity into their lives. That’s why I provide my community with daily content that will make them question their beliefs and commit themselves to living a rich and successful life. “

In addition to helping women enter a new zone of rethinking, Steele hosts the Wealth Witch Podcast, which “offers insights, advice, and practical tools to help people deconstruct their wealth programs and regain their financial fortunes.” Her upcoming book, The Wealth Wisdom Oracle, will add to her arsenal of reprogramming tools as a 365-page treasure trove of mantras that provide unique affirmations of wealth awareness for each day of the year.

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