Trigger warning: The following article mentions sexual assault.

Oh, Bridgerton! How we love your corsets, NSFW scenes and Duke of Hastings charm galore (sigh). Staci Tanouye, MD, a Florida-based board-certified gynecologist, nonetheless cites a few misconceptions about sex and sexual health that the show promotes.

In the first of four TikTok videos, Dr. Tanouye that a person’s first time will most likely not be as “graceful” and “comfortable” as Daphnes’ (if you can remember, Daphne’s exact words are “I feel wonderful!”). Dr. However, Tanouye said it is perfectly OK because “good sex takes time, practice and communication.” Amen to that!

“Hollywood in general has given us a fantasy world of sex that has skewed how people see how sex should be,” said Dr. Tanouye further to POPSUGAR and added that glamorous sex like “easy mind-blowing every single time” creates an unrealistic expectation and sets people up for disappointment. This is especially true, she said, for people with vaginas “who feel inadequate about not being able to orgasm with penetrating sex when in fact it is the norm.” (Fact: only 25 percent of those with vaginas reach orgasm through penetration alone.)

Second, Drs. Tanouye Simon’s belief in the withdrawal method as his only form of contraception with Daphne. In fact, withdrawal is only about 78 percent effective. “The extraction method has a failure of 22 percent,” noted Dr. Tanouye, “so if Simon thinks he will be childless forever with it, eh …” Factors that come into play are pre-ejaculation, which may include semen, as well as incorrect timing.

Dr. Tanouye further told POPSUGAR that it is problematic to have this depiction of the pullout method because it is not an accurate depiction of long-term contraception. “Of course with historical time dramas there are no other options, so it is understandable that Bridgerton will highlight this method. The Duke, however, presents it as a permanent long-term solution that does not translate well into modern times, “she said. Typical use error at withdrawal is about 22 percent, which means that 22 out of 100 couples a year get pregnant using this method. “

Like a Bridgerton fan, it’s good to have these important revelations with the permission of an experienced doctor – and we did not even need Lady Whistledown to do any snooping! Continue reading for more misunderstandings explained by Dr. Tanouye.