HEBER CITY, Utah (ABC4) – Officials identified the victim of a Wasatch County moving incident on Sunday.

According to the Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office, the victim was identified as a 12-year-old Brooklyn Tailor.

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According to officials, Schneider was helping her family move from their home in Heber City to a residence in Kamas when she was seriously injured in a moving accident on June 3.

According to the officials, Schneider died shortly afterwards.

Details of the relocation incident are currently not known.

“Life is precious, and losing each of these wonderful people, especially given their happiness, kindness, and youth, is so heartbreaking for their families and the entire community. We recently started the summer vacation. The regular school year is over and our youngsters work and play in the community. We want our young people and everyone to be safe and encourage them to make safety a top priority, especially when they are traveling and relaxing, ”said Jared W. Rigby, Wasatch County Sheriff. “I have asked the area’s lawmakers and law enforcement agencies to strictly enforce laws related to driving disorders, distracted driving, seat belts and seat belts, and other traffic laws. So please understand as they do their job enforcing these laws. “

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He added, “We thank all of our first responders for their work, especially the difficult work of protecting and serving our community when disasters and tragedies occur. Many traffic accidents, doctor visits, fires and other emergencies are difficult to deal with both on site and long afterwards. However, our first responders resolve any emergency with courage and friendliness, and sincerely care for each of you as community members. As taught in Brooklyn Schneider’s obituary, one of the best ways to honor loved ones before us is to keep their memories in your heart and to care for and love one another. We encourage youth, educational and faith groups, businesses and the entire community to find ways of working together to care for these families and to protect and protect young people in our community. “