Both the M6 ​​and M56 were closed due to accidents during rush hour.

The emergency services closed the M6 ​​between junction 20 in Lymm and junction 19 in Knutsford after a serious accident in which a car collided with a bridge at around 4 p.m. today, Wednesday.

Two victims were cut out of the vehicle by firefighters trapped inside.

The Cheshire Police and the North West Ambulance Service were also present. The investigation continues tonight.

The lane to the north was temporarily closed so that the ambulance could land at the scene, although it has since been lifted.

A congestion of at least 45 minutes leads back south to Exit 21 in Woolston. On the M6 ​​going north, delays of 10 minutes were reported before closing as vehicles slowed to see the crash on the opposite side.

One lane of the road to the south was initially closed before the rest of the motorway was closed shortly after 4.30 p.m.

The diversions take place via the M56 in an easterly direction and the A556 in a southerly direction.

Queues are also reported along the A57 Manchester Road and other roads in the city when motorists are looking for alternative routes.

The severity of the injuries suffered by the vehicle occupants is not yet known.

Four fire engines visited the scene.

A spokesman for the Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “At around 4:00 pm, firefighters were informed of a collision on the M6 ​​south between Junctions 20 and 19.

“Upon arrival, the crews discovered that a limousine had collided with a bridge and that two people were trapped in the vehicle.

“The highway was closed because the emergency services were working on site.

“Firefighters used special cutting equipment to remove the roof of the car.

“Then they took the victims out of the vehicle and handed them over to the paramedics.

“An ambulance was present.”

In the meantime, the M56 to the east was also completely blocked earlier after another crash.

Police and paramedics were called to the incident between junction 10 in Stretton and junction 9 in Lymm.

This incident occurred around 4:30 p.m. when a van overturned before colliding with a truck and car on the access road to the M6.

No parties are believed to have been seriously injured, although a woman was taken to Warrington Hospital as a precaution.

One lane reopened around 5 p.m., others stayed closed before the freeway reopened fully at around 6:15 p.m. – causing delays of about an hour and five miles back to exit 11 at Preston Brook.

Four more fire engines – including crews from the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service – were called.

The fire department spokesman said: “Shortly after 4:30 pm, the fire fighters received reports of a collision on the M56 in an easterly direction between intersections 10 and 9.

“Upon arrival, the crews discovered that the collision involved a limousine, a van and a heavy-duty vehicle.

“Nobody was trapped in any of the vehicles.

“Firefighters assessed people involved in the collision before paramedics arrived.

“They made the vehicles safe too.

“The woman who drove the limo was taken to Warrington Hospital in an ambulance as a precaution.

“Nobody else was taken to the hospital.”

Updates will follow.