This edition of Women in Business surveyed women who are employed in typically male-dominated industries or in a position that has historically been occupied by a man.

These women tell that they are underrepresented in their field and in their leadership positions – in the hope that their perseverance and success will guide the next generation of women in business so that they will continue to break glass ceilings and achieve their goals.

Women in Business shows who the movers and shakers are in Kelowna and that there is always a space to share stories about successful women.

Clinics generally offer only one type of health care and not a specific Lake Country clinic. The Healthy Essentials Clinic offers access to physical therapists, occupational therapists, counselors, a pediatrician, and even registered dietitians.

Founder and director Christina Camilleri said the mission is to make holistic health care more accessible, rather than making people jump through hoops by storing the care they need under silos.

Camilleri opened Healthy Essentials in June 2019 and has weathered the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to community support.

“It’s a young clinic, but the dream of opening such a clinic has been a long one,” she said.

With 30 years of counseling and dietetics experience, Camilleri has seen the impact of people moving from one place to another to meet their various health needs, which then inspired her to imagine a facility where everything that patients could need was there needed.

The clinic is available to both individuals and families struggling with mental health, substance use, and other health problems, including injuries and physical impairments.

Once they admit a patient, the different doctors in the clinic work together based on what the patient has expressed, what they need, or what their doctors have prescribed for them.

Camilleri said her journey from being a dietitian and counselor to owning and running her own clinic has been interesting.

“As an entrepreneur in an industry traditionally dominated by men, you encounter ambivalence. They also meet with skepticism, ”she said.

“There were a number of people who told me directly that they expected me to fail in the first two months. But I am so glad that we have completed the opening and that we are here now where mental health services are urgently needed due to the stress of COVID-19. “

Despite the setback and hurdles, Camilleri thanks the community for supporting the clinic during the first year and for not only surviving COVID-19 but thriving.

“Just follow your dreams. It may be difficult, but it’s well worth the effort, ”she said.

“Be curious, authentic, brave and ask the difficult questions. Don’t be afraid to show the way, because there are others who will stand up for your cause.”

Twila Amato

Video journalist, Black Press Okanagan

Women in business

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