Dontonio Temone Nichols, a 30-year-old Pontiac man, was arrested Friday in North Flint and charged with three crimes before 52nd District Court Judge Michael Bosnic on Saturday, the Oakland County Sheriff’s office said in a press release.

Police arrested Nichols after finding information about his whereabouts on Friday. The bond is set at $ 275,000.

A $ 1,000 award was originally advertised for his arrest, the Oakland County Sheriff’s office said in a Facebook post.

Nichols is charged with driving a vehicle while his license was revoked, revoked or denied causing serious injury, failing to stop at the scene of the accident, resulting in serious impairment or death, and becoming a police officer opposes or hinders him.

Nichols was also listed as a parole by the Michigan Department of Corrections and was released on July 2, 2019.

He is believed to have had a 2008 criminal record in Oakland County and Kalamazoo Counties, including breaking into a home, escaping from a police officer, possession of narcotics / cocaine under 25 grams, and taking and hiding stolen property in a vehicle.

Nichols is accused of breaking news on Thursday the 10th.

She was thrown out of her vehicle before it overturned, leaving her trapped under it, only her legs being visible.

The woman’s two-year-old son also dangled from the vehicle, but was held in a child seat and was uninjured. MPs later found the boy after hearing him cry.

A MP was in the area over complaints about the neighborhood speeding and the 25 mph speed limit.

The officer tried to stop Nichols for driving through a construction site in Pontiac, causing him to drive away, run over a stop sign and cross the woman’s vehicle.

After the accident, Nichols allegedly got out of his GMC Terrain SUV, tripped and immediately ran to the scene of the accident, not checking after the woman or her child to see if they were okay.

Realizing they couldn’t wait for a machine to lift the car when they got to the scene of the accident, MPs banded together to try to lift the woman’s vehicle off of her to rescue her and out of the wreckage to pull.

“She was passed out, but she was still breathing. Only her legs from just above the knee down could be seen. Local police raised the driver’s side of the vehicle enough to pull it out from under the rubble. She was taken to McLaren Oakland Hospital, where she was listed as “in critical condition,” the sheriff’s office said Friday.

The woman was brought from critical to stable condition on Saturday morning.

She is said to have not been buckled up at the time of the accident.

“I am proud of the quick-thinking MPs who managed to save the woman and receive her emergency care. I am very proud of our Fugitive Appreciation Team and their quick work of finding the defendant and taking him into custody”, said Sheriff Michael Bouchard said in the publication.

Police did not provide dashcam footage of the accident and officers moving the vehicle to rescue the woman in the press release; But the footage of the police picking up the car was shared on the sheriff’s Facebook post.

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard attributes swift action to MPs to save the life of the woman trapped under a vehicle.

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