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Jackie Roy had a chat with Jeff Klaubert and Dr. Greer Clemons of HealthSource Chiropractic in Manchester, 545 Hooksett Rd., Manchester.

Dr. Greer Clemons, Jeff Klaubert, Jackie Roy and KS LeBlanc. (KS LeBlanc Photo)

Is this your first business
Klaubert: “No, but this is my first healthcare business. I worked in the corporate world for 30 years, including 16 years at Cisco Systems. In 2016, I ran a marketing and sales training consulting business. I was one of only six people authorized to deploy the Cisco Systems business results program, and we trained approximately 350 vendors. “

Tell us about yourself and how you got into this business.
Klaubert: “I am the franchisee. There are approximately 250 HealthSource clinics – this is the only one in New Hampshire and there are several in Massachusetts. What is unique about us is that we are run by extremely passionate chiropractors, combining chiropractic and progressive rehabilitation, which is actually physiotherapy. The two together are super powerful. Chiropractic obviously balances your body, but your body may protect a weaker area, perhaps what you want to visit us for. Your brain is protecting you, so rehab actually strengthens those weaker areas and actually retrains the brain over time.

“I’m not a chiropractor, but this is my post-company career – I’m so excited about it. It was such a big part of my life and I wanted to do something that is downtown so that I can have an impact on the community. Having had significant health problems, I really wanted to help people repair themselves. “

What made you passionate about buying this and wanting to take that risk?
Klaubert: “It’s interesting, and I’ll try to keep it short, but I nearly died of sepsis four or five years ago, and luckily Concord Hospital saved my life. Thank you, Concord Hospital. [Taking] Massive antibiotics destroyed my gut. My then chiropractor (I now see Dr. Watkins and Dr. Greer) did nutritional reaction tests which really set me on the way to correcting this. I also saw a naturopathic doctor and that really changed my life.

“What I loved about the HealthSource model is that it’s pretty mainstream. Chiropractic is mainstream, but the combination of the two (progressive rehabilitation) is so powerful. We also offer supplements and help with nutrition. We’re movement based – a physical clinic – but you also need to nourish your body and give it the ingredients and nutrients it needs. So it all comes together.

“As a non-physician in the tech world, I needed a proven repeatable system that would produce really big results for people’s lives. HealthSource does just that. I am here full-time and consider myself the number one patient. In fact, I broke a bone in my back and was the very first patient here. We are a patient owned healthcare facility.

“There’s a lot of technology here. We have more tech than anyone in the Manchester area because I’m a technician. But I find the most powerful technology that can help improve patient outcomes. We can get bigger results faster. If there is a great tool that I can bring out, I’ll bring it out. “

What was your biggest challenge in transitioning from a career in IT to healthcare?
Klaubert: “I have to say, team building in a small environment. Building a high performing small team is one of the hardest things to do. Every player is super important, no matter what role they play. I come from big business and before that from the military. [which was] more of a command and control culture. I had to learn a lot of new skills to build business and build small teams. It’s all teamwork, 100%. “

Where are you looking for advice in this industry?
Klaubert: “One of the reasons I chose HealthSource is because they have an amazing Master Mind group – like-minded companies that come together. I had heard about this while evaluating various chiropractic franchises (there are many out there). I chose HealthSource. Dr. Tomshack is the founder of HealthSource and a phenomenally successful chiropractor and businessman. He still runs the company every day and has a Master Mind group. Somehow I was able to persuade myself into this group and I’m the only non-doctor member. I can talk to Dr. Tomshack interact. I have a great support system with HealthSource and everything is run by great doctors who are great business people too, which is a very rare combination.

“I also have a very active team outside of HealthSource in other industries that I look to like Leadership Greater Manchester, which is just vital to me. It connects me with other local executives and business owners. That was great. I participated in the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program. I try to surround myself with many different advisors. “

Can you tell us more about your services?
Klaubert: “We offer chiropractic and progressive rehab services. And for a business shower deal, anyone who mentions business showers will get a free chiropractic exam, x-rays, and follow-up consultation. This is a value of $ 200.

“We also have a lot of assistive technology. I have a powerful LightForce deep tissue therapy laser. This machine is [used by] about half of professional athletes. If you look at the different therapy lasers in professional sports, this is number one by far. The really amazing thing about it is that it does two things: firstly, it helps you clinically, and most importantly, it helps you heal faster. It speeds up mitochondrial activity. Mitochondria are the powerhouses in our cells that generate calories and convert them into energy to be distributed throughout the body. Your mitochondria control the healing process called the inflammatory cascade. So what we do with laser energy through the right wavelength and power penetrates deep into the tissue to speed up the healing process. It even helps bones. It also helps turn off the pain signal from the nerve to the brain, so your level of comfort is instantly improved, which allows you to have a much better rehabilitation experience.

“We also have a computerized decompression table. This very safely and comfortably creates a small space between your vertebrae, which relieves pressure on your intervertebral discs and nerves and allows your muscles to relax. It is one of the most effective treatments for bulging or herniated discs.

“We also have a very focused line of nutritional supplements, including high quality Omega 3. Our fish oil is very powerful and very high quality. All of our supplements and offers are about supporting the movement work that we do. Support for the joints, support for the discs. If you do all of this physical work but still have a lot of inflammation in your body, you never really get any better. So many nutritional supplements are also about reducing inflammation. Again, we do a lot of immunity work (think vitamin D), and we have dietary supplements that are mostly based on olive leaf, one of the top five immune-boosting dietary supplements. “

Dr. Greer Clemons, why did you choose this practice?
Clemons: “One thing that sets HeathSource apart from other chiropractic offices is rehab. Yes, adjustments are very important – align the spine and relieve the nervous system – but [we also help] strengthen the joints and muscles in this area so that the body can maintain this attitude. This makes these results long-lasting.

“Another reason I chose HealthSource is because everything in science and healthcare is changing so quickly. One of the concerns about leaving school is how to keep up to date. Healthsource offers that for us. Also, I’m an equestrian, and I’ve always had a passion for building a practice on it. Rehabilitation is a great addition for athletes to improve their performance. “

When someone comes into chiro and rehab, can they be 100% repaired or is this an ongoing commitment?
Clemons: “It’s different for everyone. If we lived in a bubble in a perfect world, you would never have to adjust again. But you will never have a life in which you won’t step off a curb the wrong way or sleep wrongly.

“For most people, we recommend maintenance once they have completed their active treatment, are no longer in pain, and have regained their function. This can vary from patient to patient, depending on the state of degeneration in their body, their age or the stress on their body. This can be once a week for a high-performance athlete or once a month for a person with an average level of activity. This will only make things work optimally without the problem recurring. “

How do you deal with your health and well-being?
Clemons: “I ride. I hike. I’m outside. When I advise people about their health and wellbeing, I recommend making small changes that are sustainable. So if I said,” Eat better, “it’s so arbitrary and vague like to ask, “What do you eat? How can we make small changes? What is your favorite fruit or vegetable?” Make sure you eat two servings a day. Increase your water intake by one cup per day. Increase your activity level by five minutes a day. Things that are small so that people are not overwhelmed. “

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