Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly has written to all Australian doctors to convince them of the safety and effectiveness of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

The Federal Vaccine Advisory Group, ATAGI, issued new advice over the weekend on the rare blood clotting risks associated with the bite.

“The clarification was made there and I wrote to every doctor in Australia over the weekend to make it really clear who could have the AstraZeneca vaccine and the answer is almost anyone over 50,” said Professor Kelly.

“If you are one of the groups that have been offered vaccines, do not hesitate to have this conversation with your family doctor or another medical provider, if you are over 50 and all priority groups at the start of the rollout and get the vaccine. “


Health officials have recommended that the Pfizer vaccine be given to Australians under the age of 50 due to concerns about rare blood clots associated with AstraZeneca vaccination. However, that warning has raised concerns about the AstraZeneca vaccine among some Australians over 50, especially women.

Professor Kelly has urged the public to get the vaccination sooner rather than later.

“It’s about protecting your own health and not sitting there waiting for an outbreak … the more we can get vaccinated now, the better it will be for us,” he said.

General practitioners who receive at least 80 percent of their vaccine doses get more care.

Eric Young, vaccine adoption coordinator, said more than 1,300 primary care facilities would receive additional doses. “The high volume practices identified are seeing an increase from 400 to 600 cans per week,” said Commodore Young.

“The medium volume practices identified have increased from 200 to 300 doses per week. And for the low volume GPs, there will be an increase from 150 to 200 doses per week. “

Australia received 353,170 released doses of Pfizer and 1.09 million doses of AstraZeneca last week, as well as 352,170 doses of Pfizer that arrived last night but have not yet been released.

And some big and growing numbers: To date, 3.6 million doses have been given, 512,000 of them in the last week. This included a record day on Thursday when over 100,000 cans were dispensed.

“I can now confirm that 5,855 people with disabilities received at least one dose of vaccine,” said Commodore Young