A holistic center NORTH-EAST is treating customers again after the uncertainty of the Covid pandemic.

Shen Holistics at Acklam Hall in Middlesbrough is directed by Sharon Cawthorne who specializes in acupuncture, traditional Chinese cupping and hypnotherapy.

Public Health England guidelines mean that full PPE must be used in treatments that temperature-controlled clients examine before entering the clinic.

“It’s now a much more clinical experience for customers,” said Sharon.

After each customer, the room is ventilated with a Hepa filter for 30 minutes, all windows are opened and everything is disinfected.

Before Covid, Sharon saw up to nine patients a day. Due to Covid restrictions, she only sees up to five.

During the lockdown, Sharon was allowed to continue working, but was not allowed to practice general wellness treatments. This created difficulty as it was left to Sharon to decide what constituted a comfort treatment.

When asked if a patient met the criteria that holistic treatment does not require NHS services, Sharon had to consider. That meant she had to decide for herself who needed her services most.

“It is very difficult to make these decisions about customers because it is seldom in black and white,” said Sharon.

“Even if someone had acute pain, I could treat them, but if they had chronic pain it didn’t meet the criteria. It seemed very hard. ”

Following the guidance of councils that Sharon described as confusing, Sharon contacted Public Health England last summer wanting clear answers as to why acupuncturists weren’t allowed to work.

Public Health England replied, saying that as long as an acupuncturist completed a three-year training course, he could work.

Sharon said, “This means that the Council can step in at any time to check that we are doing things right and that all safety measures are being scrupulously observed, but that is a good thing, we will keep our standards and hopefully others will. ”

After a 20 year career in IT, Sharon was diagnosed with an inflammatory disease. Several operations later, Sharon struggled to continue her work and get her health under control. The most important thing Sharon found that helped her was acupuncture.

“I really admired my acupuncturist. She gave me a little bit of my life back, ”said Sharon. Shortly thereafter, Sharon trained at the highly regarded Northern College of Acupuncture in York.

Sharon also has degrees in acupressure massage, Chinese cupping, and Reiki. In 2015 she qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist and graduated with a diploma from the renowned Innervisions School of Clinical Hypnosis.

To learn more about Shen Holistics, visit shenholistics.com

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