Paramedics said a mother believed to be around 40 has died while her husband and four-year-old son were injured in a single vehicle rollover on the infamous N12.


ER24 spokesman Ross Campbell said the accident happened about two miles outside of Fochville this afternoon.

“At 4:09 pm, paramedics, GPG, the fire brigade and the traffic department arrived on site to find a Mitsubishi SUV on the side of the road.

“The woman, a passenger and probably the wife / mother, was found on the ground 5 meters from the vehicle. Unfortunately she showed no sign of life and was pronounced dead by GPG on arrival.

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“The 4-year-old boy was found sitting next to the vehicle, and the boy’s driver and father were found on the spot.”

Campbell said both suffered moderate injuries and had been treated and transported to Carletonville Provincial Hospital for further care.

He also said the exact cause of the incident is unknown to ER24. However, the South African police were on site for further investigations.

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The newly elected mayor of Johannesburg, Jolidee Matongo (46), was killed in a car accident on Saturday.

He is believed to have died in a car accident on Saturday, hours after participating in an ANC election manifesto with President Cyril Ramaphosa in Soweto.

He was named mayor on August 10 and held the post for a little over a month.

Matongo was elected mayor of Joburg without a dissenting vote, replacing Geoff Makhubo, who died in July of complications from Covid-19.

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