After mother Sparsh created a niche in the wet wipes and baby care sectors, she has now announced her entry into the adult personal care segment. Both men and women can discover unique nature-oriented body care solutions with products from the holistic brand under Plant Powered Skincare, Ayurvedic Hair Care and Turmeric Healing.

The decision to diversify the product portfolio at Mother Sparsh is driven by the recent shift towards products that are natural and free of colors or artificial ingredients. The products presented consist of ingredients that have the power of Ayurveda, come from plant sources and are driven by formulation expertise.

The line of products includes unique products such as Plant Powered Under Eye Restoration Gel, Dashamoola Hair Lep, Turmeric Healing Face Wash and 30 Herb Hair Oil, as well as Shea and Cocoa Body Butter, Hair Cleaner and Conditioner and Turmeric-Based Facial Mask for a healthy and glowing outlook. Super ingredients like Dashamoola – an ancient Ayurvedic formulation with up to 10 herbs to control hair loss and hair loss while revitalizing the scalp – and Japapushpa, which treats itchy scalp, graying, hair loss, dandruff, etc. make up the brand’s newest offering a completely unique offering from the Indian personal care market.

Co-founder Dr. Speaking about Mother Sparsh’s holistic personal care range, Himanshu Gandhi said, “Over the years we’ve taken steps to bring everything organic to babies and millennial mothers. Our new product range is the perfect personal range solution for the current generation of millennials who want to look good and feel healthy. Driven by growing endeavors, we have kept age-old formulations at the center of solutions that meet the demands of modern lifestyles. “

Dr. Gandhi added that due to consistent innovation during the pandemic, Mama Sparsh grew 5x and is currently a brand across India with an offline presence in 23 states.

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