Show appreciation to your parents by letting them sleep like kings.

It is now widely known that restful, high-quality sleep is essential to ensure optimal health and well-being for body and mind.

To celebrate Parents Day this year, especially at a time when health is a top priority for most people, there is no better way to show your appreciation for your parents than with a gift that they can just rest and be good with be able to sleep.

With the CUCKOO Parents Day A-Series Queen Mattress Promo, you can give your parents a thoughtful, caring gift that will pamper them time and time again as it not only pampers them with a luxurious sleep experience, but also contributes to their health today and in the future Years to come – at an unbelievable price of only RM150 per month! You can also get a free Queeny bed frame worth RM600!

Don’t miss the exclusive promotion for the A-series queen size mattress, the first mattress made by CUCKOO in partnership with Napure, Malaysia’s largest natural latex manufacturer and record holder in the Malaysia Book of Records.

Beyond just one product

With its all-in-one offering that offers class A quality, service and plan, CUCKOO promises absolute security for a high quality sleep experience.

The CUCKOO A series mattress comes with a 10 year warranty to prove the brand’s confidence in their products. It has hypoallergenic properties and is made of 100% natural latex with dust freeze technology.

The aniline-free mattress is hygienic and firm and contains leading innovations in sleep solutions, such as the unique seven-zone skeletal support and the core five-zone pocket spring, which can help with back pain and relieve pressure points, as well as a zero-motion transfer function.

All in all, it means the mattress can help ensure that your loved ones can enjoy a good night’s sleep every night.

However, CUCKOO goes one step further and goes beyond product quality. It complements the mattress of the CUCKOO A series with the professional cleaning service of the 2,000 specialists of the CUCKOO + service team.

Thorough cleaning

Keep your mattress clean and safe with the worry-free service of the CUCKOO + service team

To maintain your sleep quality and health, and to ensure that your CUCKOO A-Series mattress is as good as new, CUCKOO recommends that the mattresses be professionally cleaned every four months as part of the Triple Supreme Deep Cleaning process.

The thorough process begins with a strong vacuum with a suction force twice that of traditional detergents to essentially remove dead skin, dust, and small particles. Hydro-cleaning is then carried out using a water vacuum, which is effective in removing dirty stains and fungal stains.

Finally, the all-in hunting phase uses the matrix grid method to scan every inch of your mattress and hunt and eradicate dust mites and bed bugs.

Thoughtful gift giving

If you want to give your parents the opportunity to try out what CUCKOO has to offer, you can opt for the CUCKOO rental plan to get a CUCKOO A-series mattress at RM150 with three years of service through the CUCKOO + service team and at the same time You get a Queeny bed frame worth 600 RM for free.

Or if you prefer, go all-in with the CUCKOO Outright Plan. If you buy and own this CUCKOO product with just one payment, you will receive a free mattress cleaning service worth one year from the CUCKOO + service team in addition to the free Queeny bed frame RM600.

Alternatively, you can further customize your gift by choosing your own combination of free bedding and cleaning services as part of the rental and overall plan to tailor the best sleep solution for your parents’ needs.

Whichever option you choose, it is sure to make a great gift that your folks will cherish and enjoy. To learn more about how to give your parents a sleep solution that will help improve their health and wellbeing, visit the CUCKOO website today.

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