Popular fitness influencer and inventor of the Stretchy Fit app recently launched a holistic weight loss and debloating program that allows over 100 women (& counting) to regain control of their lives.

Jacquelyn Umof, the popular fitness influencer better known as @ActionJacquelyn on Instagram, recently launched a holistic weight loss and debloating program called Heal my stomach. The program has so far helped over 100 women heal their relationship with food and regain control of their lives.

Heal My Gut provides comprehensive information on the holistic solution to weight loss and bowel problems. It is a 6-week program for women with bowel problems that consists of clear and concise education about the hidden causes and ways of dealing with bowel problems. Most importantly, the solution does not contain any supplements, shakes, or bars of any kind.

“The program is based on my personal experience of how I managed to get rid of my bowel problems after over 20 years of trying,” says Jacquelyn, the creator of Heal My Gut. She adds, “It shows you a holistic approach to tackling your bowel problems without supplements or drugs.”

The fitness influencer is focused on educating her clients about natural ways they can thrive through the program. According to Jacquelyn, also known as the creator of the Stretchy Fit app, one of the most important basics is helping clients reprogram their unconscious behavior through meditation so that they can create the permanent habit changes that will help them maintain their diet Progress beyond the program.

Heal My Gut is currently available upon request and can be accessed online through a program portal for those purchasing the product. Jacquelyn explains: “You will receive a login and password and can access our online instructional videos, recommended nutrition plans, shopping lists, recipes and workshops for personal development to relieve your bowels and lose weight like never before!”

To learn more about or to sign up for the hundreds of women who rave about Action Jacquelyn’s Heal My Gut weight loss program, visit the official website now at healmygut.com.

Instagram handle: @ActionJacquelyn

YouTube channel: Aktion Jacquelyn

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