Date of publication: 06/14/2021

The head-on collision occurred on the road between El Jimenado and Torre Pacheco

In a traffic accident described in the regional press of Murcia as “brutal” in the municipality of Torre Pacheco on Saturday evening, one person and five others were injured when a municipal garbage disposal truck in a head-on collision with a car on the RM-F14 road between El Jimenado and the city of Torre Pacheco itself.

The car is said to have driven on the wrong lane when the accident occurred around 11 p.m. near the Rambla de La Señora. The truck also got out of control and overturned when the two vehicles collided. The fatal victim was the truck driver, a 61-year-old man, who was on his way from Los Alcázares to the waste treatment plant in Ulea, while in the car were a 61-year-old couple, their two children and the friend of one of them.

The couple and one of the children were admitted to the intensive care unit at Los Arcos Hospital in San Javier, while the other son was kept under surveillance overnight.

The incident reflects the danger on the highways of Torre Pacheco, where the local mayor Antonio León claims that numerous requests have been made over the past decade to widen the RM-F14 over a distance of 10 kilometers. These and other measures in the municipality would require an investment by the state government of at least 10 million euros.

Sr. León reports that in addition to the RM-F14 other danger spots are the RM-F26 between Camachos and Los Alcázares, where work is already underway, and the RM-F336 between Torre Pacheco and La Palma.