Kendra Rohlfsen


Vitality: The state of being strong and active; Energy. The power to give continuity of life that is present in all living beings.

The name of the game for Cherokee’s newest chiropractor is Vitality. Dr. Born in Sutherland, Kendra Rohlfsen opened her practice at 1210 S. 2nd Street in January 2021 and shared the space with the Irwin family’s chiropractic department.

You graduated from the South O ?? Brien High School in 2014, followed by a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology / Pre-Chiropractic and a minor in Chemistry from South Dakota State University in 2018. She then received her PhD in Chiropractic with an Athletic Focus (Honors) from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Year 2020.

Kindly and with a good sense of humor, Rohlfsen’s vision for her clinic revolves around patient-centered care that encompasses a mindset for small businesses, community engagement and the Christian faith.

She said, “My goal as the owner and chiropractor at Vitality Chiropractic Group is to provide care for the whole family, with an emphasis on maximizing potential and improving health through regular spinal care.”

She really enjoys every interaction with her patients and lives off the conversations that are part of her investigation. For first-time visitors, she works hard to make the encounter both pleasant and informative, to explain possible treatments and to establish them as “normal”. ranges, explains what it will do, and goes beyond it to create a positive experience.

Rohlfsen joined the Cherokee Area Young Leaders (CAYL), reached out to the Rotary club, and featured other small businesses in the city on their business Facebook page.

?? Supporting other small businesses is one of our core values ​​as a team, and we want to be sure that we are giving back to the community that gave us the opportunity to take care of them through chiropractic care. ??

She is committed to providing the best possible chiropractic care to her patients and helping them achieve their goals – whether it’s better at sporting events, when they play longer with their grandchildren, or when they are less painful with activities they love.

Rohlfsen was pleased to return to the Cherokee area after an internship in Oklahoma. She specifically chose Cherokee because of the opportunities in the area. “Growing up in a small town gave me the opportunity to develop certain skills like a strong work ethic and a passion for giving back to the community.” This led her to choose chiropractic as a profession because it enables her to serve a wide variety of people and work with a different age group of patients. She looks forward to taking more roots in the Cherokee community as the practice increases.

Rohlfsen’s parents are Bryan and Jennifer from Sutherland. She has a sister, Baily, and a brother, Nate. Her hobbies include traveling and finding new adventures, boating in the summer with her family at Spirit Lake, and ice fishing / hunting in the winter.